Cauz: Why I'm rooting for Ottawa to make the playoffs

In sports, don’t we love rooting for the unexpected?

One of the delightful aspects of being a sports fan is when you find yourself in the middle of an upset. Think Leicester City winning the Premier League, Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson or how about the Ottawa REDBLACKS toppling the juggernaut Calgary Stampeders in the 104th Grey Cup?

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I like it,normally would be right there with you but for rooting for my good friend Cody Fajardo. I am though rooting for Ott to help Sask with the crossover by beating Ticats at least once.

Never before have I rooted for a Western crossover , and worse a all west Grey Cup

All west Grey Cup would be the best thing for the league… if it was Wpg vs Calgary. 2 best teams… the ones who should have 1st round byes. East teams getting home dates and GC births that they have not earned by winning undercuts the credibility of the league and turns off casual fans.

The Ottawa Dreadblacks season will come to an abrupt end in Week 19. The Als will finish off the Redblacks in the nations capitol. Final Score Als-31 Redblacks 10.

I've been an Ottawa fan since the '70s, and whether they get to the playoffs has never been an issue for me, it's whether to come together as a team and play professionally. I like the team, next year they'll do even better if they can retain the real talent they have.


I love a longshot and I'm going to go even longer!
If Montréal & Hamilton lose their remaining games then Ottawa can host the eastern semi final against Saskatchewan (whether the Riders win or lose).
EDIT: Saskatchewan does actually have to win out for this scenario to work due to Montréal being a game ahead of them.
This could lead to a Toronto/Ottawa eastern final or even a Grey Cup battle of the prairies with Winnipeg hosting Saskatchewan in Regina!

Calgary has not yet proven that they are the second best team in the league. There’s some fellows in orange that hold the tie breaker against them atm due to outperforming the red shirts so far this season.
PS: I do think that Calgary has a better chance at hosting the western semi final however.

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