Cauz: Why I love watching CFL Draft night

It’s hard to think of a more ridiculous yet rewarding sports moment like the Draft. On one end there is something so cool about seeing these young men get selected, having years of hard work and sacrifice rewarded with their entry into the CFL. I love the emotional element of the draft, especially seeing the shots of family getting to celebrate. It’s a reminder of the amount of work and dedication they contributed to their son’s journey to professional football.

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"Fantuz Flakes" always positioned at the lower left side of the screen. I like little details like this. They make everything seem more real.

Earlier in the pandemic I cracked open a 15 year old box of Flutie Flakes that had been crushed flat by some gear and was amazed by how brutally bad they were. But that wasn't the half of it.

I had a similar experience with another celebs cereal. Only it was horrible after just a few months. I've come to realize that a year later or a decade later these souvenir flakes NEVER lose their awfulness. How 'bout that.

Must be the preservatives.

Because it's the one night of the year that his favorite cartoons aren't on.

I love watching CFL draft because its CFL coverage during offseason. The players are the highlight but we also get to see the coaches, commissioner, panelists, teams. Chris Jones with the shades, might make for a good meme.

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Let's hope the "Collaros Flakes" stay fresh for another year. :grin:

'Collaros Flakes'? Meh.

I was thinking of something more along the lines of 'Captain Collaros Crunch'! We'll kill the taste with extra sugar, saturated fat and salt. Waddaya think? :smiley: :+1:

Love it but my teeth don't. Does he put out a pudding?

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I love watching the FA, it was a good one this year with some big names changing teams.
The Canadian draft??? no, every year a bunch of CIS players that will be on practice rosters and a lot of them not around at the end of the season. Some of the top Canadians out of the NCAA will be on NFL teams.

'Collaros Custard' is in the works down at our Pretend Foods Laboratory. We're thinking... mustard flavouring might to the trick here (Collaros Mustard Custard). It kinda rolls off the tongue.

You can't get "injured" with Custard. Sounds like the perfect catchphrase.

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Yes. And Brain Trauma-Free Collaros Mustard Custard pairs nicely with hotdogs. :smiley: :+1: