Cauz: What's at stake when Bombers, Argos meet

I reject the idea that the Toronto Argonauts have “nothing to play for” and I imagine a team whose mantra all year has been to go “1-0 each and every week” would agree with me.

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Never understand the media who always label a rematch as a revenge game, especially with the last game being the Grey Cup. Of course, both teams would love to win, any competitive athlete wants to but the Bombers can win by 50 and it won’t change the outcome from the Grey Cup game. All games may matter but its only the last one (championship game) that matters the most. Do you actually think Toronto (or Winnipeg) will care about losing this game if they go on to win the Grey Cup? If there was a game to be labelled a revenge game for the Bombers, it should be be only if they go on and meet Toronto in the Grey Cup. Think this years playoffs, like every year should be a dandy, go Bombers)


Media are paid to hype the game as best they can. Any angle will do. Revenge has a nice ring to it, so away we go.

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Bottom line. Nice to win but the fact is Argos will be resting players. According to 3DN, Kelly won’t play nor a trio of 3 All-Stars on D - McManus, Peters & Oakman are not on the depth chart. Losing to the Bombers means very little to them.

It does, however, mean a lot to the Bombers which has nothing to do with beating the Argos. If BC wins & they lose, then a BC win next week @ home wins the season series & puts them 4 points up with two to play. Bombers can kiss 1st place goodbye. They need to win the next 2 IMO. But the big one is next week. Lose this week & a BC win, they can still win in BC to tie for 1st & will have the tiebreaker.

Make no mistake - this is a big game for Winnipeg. Of course, just like the last BC match, the Bombers are coming off 2 weeks rest & are playing a scaled down squad with their backup. Losing isn’t an option, is it?

Yup. Whats BC’s record? Oh yeah, 10-4. Winnipeg? 10-4 So two losses in a row (they play BC for the season series and possibly first place next week) and Winnipeg is hosting the Semi-Final.
You bet Winnipeg wants to win this one. That and they play first this week. So they won’t know how BC’s game turns out until after their game is done.

Make no mistake that Dinwiddie would mess with Winnipeg too about who is playing and isn’t too. Same as O’Shea does…


Everyone is hyping this game which appears will only be a shadow of what it could have been. If you think about it this game isn’t that important in the overall scheme.

If Winnipeg somehow manages to lose, which is extremely unlikely, they still control their own destiny and as long as they beat BC next week they are in charge of whether they finish first or not. They could win this game and lose next week and would be on the outside looking in.

I’m sure both the Bombers and BC want to win their games this week but it really doesn’t matter what happens this week.

Arguably BC has the tougher opponent this week, playing a team that will be dressing all of their healthy starters and that will also be motivated to win. We already know we won’t see Kelly tomorrow plus several other starters including their top cover guy (Peters), their top defensive player (McManis) and a pretty damn good defensive player in Oakman. If you think Dukes looked like a deer in the headlights in Calgary, let’s see how he does when he can’t hear himself think in a sold out IG Field.

Bombers are coming off a bye and are rested and motivated. For only the second time this year I will go out on a limb and predict that this will be the least closest game of the week. The first time I predicted that Bombers won 51-6.

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In spite of the hype, the Argos must be wary of hubris setting in over the next 6 weeks.

Anybody who thinks this game means anything to the Argos is kidding themselves. Nobody’s buying it. Sample of comments from 3DN where all 11 have picked the Bombers:

DUNK: Toronto doesn’t care about the outcome and Winnipeg does.
Straight-up: BOMBERS. Against the spread: BOMBERS.
HODGE: Toronto’s not even trying to win this game.
Straight-up: BOMBERS. Against the spread: BOMBERS.

At a 7.5 pt favourite, some state even this is generous. How often do you see that spread vs a 12-1 team playing a 4 loss team who has lost 4 times to clubs that were playing 3rd string QB’s? Let’s not overstate it something it’s not. If the Bombers lose this game, THAT would be saying something - but nobody would be talking about the Argos winning.

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I do agree with @pantsonfire in part, Toronto absolutely does want to win, but smartly not willing to risk all players to do so. Toronto had all their bye weeks early in the season and just implementing some rest for a few players each week, just smart game management.

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Nice logo. Reminds me to take out my orange shirt this weekend. Not saying Argos don’t want to win - but not prepared to play with a full complement to do it. Winning would be a bonus & I suspect the players out there don 't think they can’t win.

Sitting players in this situation happens regularly. In 2016 the Stamps were 15-1-1 going into the last game of the season with a shot to best the 1989 16-2 record of Edmonton. They sat Bo & finished 15-2-1. Losing 1 game is not top of mind at this point.

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My current avatar is a photo of a 50" diameter wire reel I painted and is on display in my front yard. My wife’s hand print is over the heart of the shirt. Thanks for the compliment on the avatar.


It does but somehow - I can not picture Dinwidde in any way not wanting the win. I would think to him though - playing their most likely playoff opponent (at this point) and winning with a less than full game performance by some key guys would be his ideal this week. Sew that seed of doubt…

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Of course he wanted the win. But, as we saw tonight, the Argos are deep enough to compete with any team in the league even with a liberal sprinkling of backups on both sides of the LOS. Playing their 2nd & 3rd string backups in Winnipeg didn’t lead to an embarrassing loss. Ouellette had 1 carry. All-stars on D were missing. Still an entertaining CFL contest IMO.

Should they meet again in the GC, I don’t think the Bombers can take much from this game film.
I keep telling my niece, a want is not a need. There are more pressing issues.:smiley:


One of the nicest things I’ve heard. Thanks for sharing that. :smiley: