Cauz: What we've learned from Argos/Ticats

In the world of football, five weeks can seem like an entirety.

Near the end of July, Nathan Rourke was healthy, Bo Levi Mitchell was Calgary’s starting quarterback and Toronto Blue Jay Bo Bichette was in a massive slump. The last 35 days have also seen the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats do battle four times in that time span and wow, are the fortunes of these two teams wildly different today then they were at the conclusion of Week 8 when both franchises were just beginning to eye the QEW Quadruplet that was on the horizon.

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What I'VE LEARNED is that the TigerCats Offense totally sucks right now AND their valiant defence can keep them in the game for at no more than 30 minutes.

We've also learned that most of Hamilton's offensive woes stem from their poor offensive line play and last weeks aquisition of one of the best Canadian Centres in the CFL is too little too late. Starting QB Dane Evans has been so traumatized that he's given up on himself and the Hamilton's dysfunctional system. A parting of the ways might be next, but what next level QB would be crazy enough to voluntarily step into that Hamilton minefield?

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What I've Learned is MacBeth is EVEN WORSE than I had previously thought - which was pretty pretty low.

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