Cauz: What if Paxton Lynch sticks in the CFL?

There’s nothing wrong with being honest. Of course a former first round draft pick wants to make his way back to the NFL. He was probably asked point blank in the interview the inevitably stupid question. How is he supposed to answer it? If he says no he immediately comes off as fake. If he says yes people accuse him of “being above his teammates”. I thought he handled the response pretty well and is probably just happy to get the chance to play again somewhere. Let this play out, if he can’t make second string then he likely faces the prospect of going on a practice roster and we will see how much he desires to play. Or perhaps someone will trade for him due to injuries. Never know in this league.


Being too honest can be a disadvantaged and be used against him. Lynch should've answered the same way former Bronco Shane Ray who signed with the Argos in an interview with Dan Ralph.

Did I miss something about your initial point being that big name qb talent, especially second chancers, rarely make it in the CFL? Flutie, Moon, Kelly and Holloway don't count?


We would only see him if Cody was hurting or struggling. Why would I want to see him playing? If he is playing it means Cody is not. So best case scenario is we never find out if he can play.

Though I won't be surprised if Riders regret bringing in Maas as OC. He seems overly excited about this guy, just as he was overly excited about Franklin. Well I am excited about Cody Fajardo. Think we should have stayed with Steve Macadoo

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I don't get the negativity on Lynch from the outset at all.

You have a quarterback with proven ability and in the better case he becomes a valuable backup that is better than any given rookie or very inexperienced quarterback.

It seems like there are people who are adamant about any given new guy being groomed over a former NFL guy who might find a second pro football life.

The NFL hate is quite real no doubt.

In the worst case, like is common for former NFL players as well, Lynch is cut and we all move on no harm done. Big deal!

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If you are referring to my comments, am just asking are we looking for someone better than Fajardo? Apparently last I heard Lynch not expected to be backup

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Well I was not referring only to your comment but to the general comments on Lynch. I also did not get the sense that he would be a starter or bust, but I suppose I have not followed the situation closely enough if that in fact that is the case.

I was only speaking as a Fajardo fan. Fan comes from fanatic. I guess I am just slightly paranoid, don't trust Maas , though he is not HC, he seems to always be more excited about the backup, first it was Franklin, he stated Franklin would pick up the offense before Cody. Now Franklin gone and he has goose bumps about Lynch, says had several hour plus phone calls with him, and that he is very excited about him. I can see Maas messing QB situation up, he should talk about his excitement about Cody, really think they goofed by releasing McAdoo as OC

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