Cauz: What if Paxton Lynch sticks in the CFL?

This piece was originally going to be about 10 players with new teams for the upcoming season whose stories I find the most fascinating. I could easily bang out 1,000 words on Ryker Matthews in BC, Larry Dean in Saskatchewan, Ciante Evans in Hamilton and about half of the Argonauts roster. But instead, I have decided to focus on one name: Quarterback Paxton Lynch.

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Interesting piece well written but you seem to be speaking only to the one's who don't like a players motivation for being in the CFL .

Motivation for seeking Muti millions is normal and any player who moves onto the NFL represents the CFL in some fashion and the talent found in the league .

The problem with some players motivation is they don't understand the step between the CFL is not that far apart in terms of talent but extremely far apart in money . benefits and prestige .

They don't want to pay their dues and don't do their homework in being the best CFL QB first and already thinking state side and fall quickly into the trap of counting their chickens before their hatched never developing that skill set that would set them up possibly with a big NFL cheque someday .

Lynch won't stick in the CFL. He ain't mentally invested in the CFL. Lunch isn't patient because it takes 3 years for a US QB get use to 3 Down football. He should've shut up and say he is grateful for another chance to play pro ball in any type of game

It took Chris Steveler one year to get used to 3 down football. Took Dane Evans in Hamilton one year to get used to 3d football. Also took Cody Fajardo one year.

So….how did he do his first day then?

Took better QBs like Trevor Harris, Jeremiah Masoli, Bo Levi Mitchell three years to be just a starter. That includes sitting on the bench, being a short yardage specialist, place holder. Frajado had 3 years under his belt before he got his start

Lynch will wash out after one year because he isn't patient enough

The guy has made roughly 9 million USD already in the limited time he spent in the NFL. He could've easily just accepted not cracking an NFL roster, went and purchased a 2 million dollar boat house somewhere and lived a pretty comfortable life. Instead he came up here, makes 60k Canadian, away from his family in the US. That has to say something about him.

He seems much more humble than guys like Manziel. I bet he cracks the roster in Saskatchewan. That is if he doesn't just choose to do the above


Is cracking the roster what he wants? He wants to play. Maas has his main guy take all the snaps including 3rd downs so unless Fajardo gets hurt or bombs, Lynch has no chance to play. If he doesn't at least beat out Harker, he's outta there IMO. And if he doesn't get into a game for awhile, I can't see any reason why he would want to be in Regina. Sitting behind Fajardo & maybe Harker is not your ticket back to the NFL. That's a ticket to nowhere. He didn't come here for the money or stay away from family to NOT start. If you got wads of cash from your NFL gig, sitting on the bench watching some other guy play gets old real soon.

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It'll Certainly be a decision he has to make. However, just look at Fajardo last season. You could be in next play at any point in the season. Just the way the game goes some times.

Should have bought that houseboat. Lynch can't crack his own knuckles, let alone the roster of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. The dude will be another former NFL first rounder heading back to America with his tail tucked between his legs once he gets cut

Yeah, but Fajardo was prepared and paid his dues. That first round selection got Lynch a small chance to get a tryout. If he wasn't a former NFL first round selection, he wouldn't have got a sniff at a tryout

“As a kid, you dream of winning the Super Bowl and that fire inside of me to accomplish that is still there and it’s very strong. It hasn’t wavered at all, but I don’t want to get that confused with how I feel about being here because I’m very excited to be here.”

I think that's a fair comment. Making the NFL and winning super bowls is just in the culture down there. It'd be no different than making the AHL for Canadians. You'd be thrilled but your ultimate goal would be the NHL.

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Why Lynch would be so different than the other QB first draft pick who got their chance to rebound in CFL ? He is no different than the others: cut by their NFL teams who drafted him (alway a hint that something gone terribly wrong with them). He is no humble. He is terribly impatient to get back to NFL and so on...

I really want Lynch to succeed. That might mean getting another shot at the NFL, it might mean a long and storied career in the CFL. He clearly is talented, and I'd love to see him live up to that potential.

I also really wanted Manziel to succeed. Again, either by getting another shot in the NFL or by having a long and storied career in the CFL -- or a bit of both.

Just because every other first-round NFL draft QB has failed up until this point, does NOT mean Lynch is destined to fail. Sure there is a pattern, but every person is different.

But it's on him now. And his coaches. And his team mates.

I have a different approach Matt....I would have cut him immediately after saying that he wants to head south.....clearly he's not invested in the CFL. Sign a hungry qb who's grateful for the opportunity. Someone like Anthony Pipkin has a better chance of patient, work on your craft and take advantage of the opportunities that arrive

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You'd cut 100% of your roster of thats the position you'd take.

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They all think it, I agree, but if the guy is talking about going back to the NFL before taking a snap, he will only become a least pretend to be interested in our game as opposed to a stepping stone

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He was up front about it. And just bought a new home and has a beautiful wife and money in the bank. I can see him sticking around if he figures it out quick enough. But kinda big. Lol

He was a failure in the NFL, that's why no NFL team signed him. His only hope is that he makes a CFL team and has some good seasons and try the NFL again.

With the timeframe of 3 years that TSN's Dave Naylor estimated for US QBs to get acclimated to the CFL, Lynch will be 30 years old. Too old for NFL coaches will sign a player with that long of a birth certificate