Cauz: Under the radar pending free agents

We are in one of the best times of the year if you’re a CFL fan, as we are nearing the start of free agency!

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Hergy has been a disappointment is a understatement. I believe BLM lost faith in him. Hergy dropped some easy ones. Not sure he will like the contract Huff will offer him. He will likely move on.

Can't fully blame Mayala, though he didn't have great stats, it's on who was throwing the ball to him. If Bo didn't over or under throw to him, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Mayala has great potential, just need the right QB to unleash it...

Still a lot of talent on that list. The one for me, that I'm surprised is still floating there, without a home, is Levels. He's only 27 and he's got experience and ability. I'd be pretty shocked if nobody picks him up.