Cauz: Trying to figure out the Ottawa REDBLACKS

Ottawa is weird. I’m not talking about the city. It’s an excellent place for a three day weekend with a wildly underrated restaurant scene and Soif Bar à vin is a must visit not only because of their wine selection but also because you get to sound classy when you say, “what you mean you haven’t been to Soif Bar à vin?”

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Agreed,lots of upside to Redblacks,coaches and team showing signs of growing however other than Toronto the east looks like a band way out of tune if I may borrow from your music analogy.

Two bad coaching decisions against the Riders and Ticats. Why on earth would you be kicking a FG from the 1 yard line and why throw on 3rd down from the 2 yard line against the Ticats.
Two easy wins there in the last seconds and we would be talking about the 5 - 3 RBs

Sadly both decisions were very costly however in both of those games I like to point out that our pass rush has dropped off dramatically and our DB are not able to contain the receiver are just another layer added to a club who has a record that is indicative of their poor play at times,very frustrating that this team could be much much better.

I can’t figure them out but they are so much fun to watch. After thee years of absolute futility we are back in the game again. ps-they are going to absolutely destroy the Als.