Cauz: Tre Ford among compelling storylines for Elks/Bombers

When it comes to Thursday night’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Edmonton Elks game, I can easily make the case that both a heroic, Cinderella story win for the Elks or a Blue Bombers blowout would make for a compelling storyline.

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Hopefully the porous O line protects Tre from dirty bighill. He likes those late hits where he can break ribs.

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this is a mismatch in every sense of the word; these 2 teams aren’t even on the same planet

Hopefully Tre dosnt hold on to the ball till the last second when it’s impossible to stop.


He HAS to hit late. The question is if he can get to the player in time. Where was he when Crum ran 29 yds down the centre straight over “X marks the spot” where he should have been spying him in OT. Especially after Crum blew past him for 12 yds to send it to OT. Have a lot of respect for Adam but time to hang them up. Ditto Kelly’s 15 yd scamper in the GC. Adam is clearly in the picture 20 yds downfield trailing a well covered receiver. He just doesn’t have the speed in the middle to get to the outside consistently. :sunglasses:

The porous OL - well Cornelius didn’t do them any favours by his indecisiveness. They’ve allowed 4 more sacks than the Bombers. Ford’s mobility should help them. They’ve got bigger problems than that.