Cauz: Top free agent acquisitions of the last 10 years

Anyone who says sequels can’t be as good as the original never saw Godfather: Part II, Empire Strikes Back or Toy Story 3.

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Eugene Lewis is going to test FA. Trevor Harris is non committal, so maybe going to test FA too.

Call me crazy but both may land in Regina. Kind of a repeat of the Harris-Ellingson move from Ottawa to Edmonton.

I would not disagree on that possibility. Riders will have a ton of CAP space. But as even some Regina writers have said, I'll note again that the Riders may have to overpay for players. Harris is in a position to, IMO, ask for $450K at the low end & is likely to get more - maybe up to $500K from the Riders. The Argos may kick tires on him as well.

Lewis has leaked out that he is looking for $350K. Not sure he gets that but Duke was offered $300K by one club last year. If the Riders do sign them both, that's a lot of cash to tie up in 2 players.

Look, agents & everybody else know that the Riders are going to spend big because O'Day & Dickensen have to win this year. With only 6 of 41of their FA's signed that could mean that either a bunch of their FA's are reluctant to sign or they're dumping a whole lot of their current roster wholesale - not a good bargaining position to be in. Knowing that the mgmt structure may only be in place for one year, top players will want a premium over other clubs to go there IMO due to the uncertainty.