Cauz: There's no such thing as a meaningless game

Sometimes as a sports fan you gotta put in the work.

Oh, sure, it’s easy to be fully invested in Week 1 of the CFL season, when we’ve been deprived of football for half a year. You can give me a 11-8 punt fest with more rouges than in my grade 6 French class and I’m thrilled. Labour Day Weekend will have my full attention and we all live and die with the post-season. But then there is the flip side; the final week of the season.

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Yea for sure all teams will play to win this weekend but as no positional standings are at stake... if anyone thinks the intensity level will be the same as in the west semifinal or the west final, isn't in possession of a full bag of marbles.
No offense intended to Eastern teams...

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Yeah, no matter how much lipstick Cauz puts on that pig it’s still preseason this weekend. As has been pointed out in other threads, this wouldn’t be the case in a one division league where all teams had to earn their playoff berths and seedings. There are four meaningless games this weekend with the only matter of interest being how Rourke looks in his expected one quarter of work.


Cauz makes good points. So many tantalizing options. Will BC's faltering O-line regain its form with the promise of Rourke? Will Nathan regain his superman skillz in a single quarter? Ellingson has been missed. He adds excitement to the league. Will Kelly live up to expectations? These games may mean nothing to the standings but they will have impact on the playoffs, giving us a glimpse of premier players returning after injuries etc. Prediction: It will be a fun roster of games.


Any one who has ever played competitive sports realizes there are "No Meaningless" games :exclamation: I would much rather play and win my final hockey game before starting my first playoff game. These are pro athletes who are paid to compete-This is how we separate the Pretenders from the Contenders :100: :canada: :football:

William Stanback-1k rushing Week 14 2021