Cauz: The Nathan Rourke critique that everyone's afraid to give

“We can’t have anyone freak out out there, OK? We’ve got to keep our composure!”

— Will Ferrell, ‘Old School’

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That was a very funny Article to read! Just wonder how many BC fans got real red in the face as they scanned down thru that one! Great (funny) Critique ! Only could do that to a Canadian QB though! Canadians are too polite to get upset. LOL

Let's not have to much fun and pride in our Canadian QB sensation. That would be too Canadian.

This is hilarious! But Matthew, do not worry that we Lions fans will completely lose our minds over Nathan. Don't get me wrong; the first two games were so much fun at BC Place.
But we have painful memories of our fling with Jonathan Jennings. It doesn't matter that he wasn't Canadian. We gave our hearts, and lost our minds, to him waaay too quickly. So, we may be enjoying the heck out of being giddy over NR, but it is tempered giddiness:).

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