Cauz: Taking in the Argos' incredible GC109 win

This should be the easiest column for me to write. As someone born and raised in Toronto that has seen the other professional teams flame out in the playoffs — often as the favourite — this should be a celebration for the underdog Toronto Argonauts and really for the entire league that witnessed such an extraordinary conclusion to the season.

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Pinball is the key architect in this win. His knowledge of the game, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm, built this team and then guided it to the Championship. As a Tiger-Cats fan, i wish Pinball could be cloned.

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Amazing, how boring and bad a game it was.
I've never thought I would say that a game was as fixed in play and verbal description as this.
I wish I could've counted how many times Toronto has 7 GC victories, and Andrew Harris deserves this, etc. Was being said by the announcers. Grooming the viewers for what was about to happen and justify it.

Was making me sick.

Andrew Harris didn't play for most of the year. He is not bigger than the game. I was so sick of hearing AH deserves . . . .
The fumbles and dropped passes are the easiest way to make it look good.
The CFL was, I thought better than the NFL, but giving Toronto another undeserved title makes me sick.
I still reel on that Doug Flutie fumble against Edmonton.
The Semi against Montreal this year was half empty!!! The both upper decks were empty!
There are good fans there, just not enough.
The city doesn't want this team and certainly doesn't deserve a GC handed to them.
Torontos record was against a much weaker East. Winnipeg looked like they were told they have to lose. They had no emotion, and played flat like chasing a little brother.
I quit the NFL a long time ago.
This game was a disgusting view that there is stuff going on behind the scenes.
After forty some years, I can't and won't support this league any longer either.
I'm an ALS fan and have no allegiance either way. But it was so F obvious that Winnipeg didn't bother playing. Absolutely sickening.

I would've rather seen history be made (three peat) with a hard working blue collar team that epitomized the word team, than a second tier team whose city doesn't even bother to show up at playoff games.
What a disgrace!!!
The halftime music sucked too!!!
Let's just name it The Toronto Football league.
Because the league doesn't care about any other teams or how it's being run.
Good luck.
Good bye.

The Argos were 7-2 in the 2nd half, Bombers 6-3. So they deserved to be there. You can only beat the opponents in front of you so all the complaining about how the standings are set up is irrelevant. In a 9 team league you will never have a perfectly balanced schedule because you're going to play some teams more than others. You can't blame the Argos for winning their games. Ultimately they had to beat the Bombers & were full value for it.

As for fans in the stands, Mosaic Stadium wasn't exactly full either was it? You don't have to go to the game to be a fan. TV money drives the league & the fan watching the screen at home is as important to the teams as the guy in the stands. Viewership was apparently up this year.


Oh my ...


Good bye AlsRl and I wish you the best of luck moving onto your next sport of choice… maybe try Boxing :boxing_glove:.


Pinball is a class act. Shaking hands before the game, stopping for pictures, etc.

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Brandon Banks is such a spoiled child. His undisciplined outbursts in both this game and the eastern final could have cost his team dearly.

Why he can’t control his emotions and be a pro is beyond me. I’m an Eskimo fan, will always be Eskimos to me, but I would hate to have him on my team. His emotional tantrums are not worth all the other talents he possesses.

Time to cut the child loose.

Banks had been giving hints he will retire after this GC game, and continued the speculation after their win. He does have one year left on his contract.

Goodbye - and don't let the door hit you on the way out

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