Cauz: Selecting an all-free agent team

I think it is fair to say that we are in store for the wildest free agency period in the history of the game. There is so much talent out there I easily could have put together a completely different roster of players that would have dazzled and impressed. Make no mistake, if your favourite team is able to sign any of these players count yourself lucky. This roster may be a bit older but if you’re looking to win the Grey Cup in the next three years this group will get it done.

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I totally agree with Cauz leaving sooooo many Bombers off of his 'all-free agent team'. Every GM in the CFL should take note and NOT TRY TO SIGN any of our mediocre players (ignore their outstanding achievements and awards PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!!!). Obviously the case has been brilliantly made that since Bighill and Jefferson are likely to stay here, not one player on our crazy good defense ought to be lured away to some other team sporting less talent (that's all of them). Matthew Cauz is a GENIUS.

Also, keep your friggin' paws off of O'Shea and our assistant GM Ted Goveia. They were instrumental in putting this juggernaut together but as Cauz has so convincingly pointed out, most of the Bombers they brought here don't make his cut list. :smiley: :+1:


An interesting twist on the FA situation. Not sure if Banks would make my list, given his age, there are others I would gamble on first.

Quite a list. Two of your first three have substance abuse problems, so..... Then there are 5 or 6 current or ex-Stamps who left Calgary when they didn't get the money they wanted or whatever lame reason it was.

How about this, Cauz, one person: left Huf write this article.... I wonder how it would differ....

Dude, you won one cup legitimately. This one... yeah... you had a major puckered ahole at the end.... The Cats snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Regardless, Winnipeg "won", they will say. They also say it's better to be lucky than good.

Every different person would have a different list, including Huf.

I don’t like your comment about substance abuse. Presumably you are referring to Harris and Lawler. Harris was caught using PED’s. I don’t consider that substance abuse like say cocaine or meth, but rather a planned cheat to enhance your body, if in fact that occurred. Substance abuse does the opposite. Lawler was caught driving under the influence once (presumably as no guilty finding yet). That isn’t necessarily substance abuse as it could have been a one off mistake and there is no evidence of a pattern. I am willing to bet that 95% of the posters on this board have driven under the influence at least once, and therefore are substance abusers by your definition. Banks appears to have mental health issues. In today’s world that is something that can be more easily overcome and he shouldn’t be criticized or overlooked for it.

Your post sounds like pro Stamp sour grapes to me, even criticizing unnamed players for leaving Calgary for more money. That is something that happens to any team in any sport, so you have no point.

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More sour grapes. Both Cups were won legitimately. In this Cup the Bombers made the correct decisions and better plays when it counted. They played an opponent who played a great game and could easily have won. I am taking nothing away from them but you can’t say that the Bombers were lucky to win and no one will be saying that in the future when they look back and see the Bombers names etched on the Cup. If anything, the odds were stacked against the Bombers as Hamilton was somehow allowed to play with six unvaxxed players. The blown calls by the refs also favoured the Ticats. Lawrence should have been flagged for hands to the face in the last minute of the first half, thereby taking seven Hamilton points off the board. The game also should have been over had the officials properly called the late non catch or even the blatant OPI on that play. I’m not complaining, but to say that the Bombers were lucky is ridiculous.


I think it's just the Christmas spirit(s)

The Red team is showing their Green side (jealousy), I'm sure after a few more average years, Calgary may be relevant again.


I'm not going to get into who should have won or who should be on the team. If they're on the All-Star team as selected by the CFLPA each year, not the writers, that's good enough for me. And a lot of Bombers were on that too. No. At the beginning of the season I said the Bombers had 2 flaws - Collaros injury record with no decent backup. He played the full season. And losing Medlock. Had the Bombers not been gifted Castillo, the 2019 CFL All-Star at the position the Bombers would not have won the Cup. There would not have been the need for overtime. If you don't sign a decent kicker, sign all the other guys you want. Good luck with that.

I don't disagree with most of what you say.

I'm confused as to why Castillo is a gift? Did we win second place in a beauty contest?

Maybe the gift to the other 8 teams was when Streveler was picked up in the NFL, or when Medlock chose not to play.


We are the gift that keeps on giving. That's why the 'powers that be' let us keep on winning (also, we stopped tripping little old ladies as they crossed the street) proving once again that nice guys can still finish first. :smiley: :+1:

This team has already intercepted Bo Levi :joy:

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Shush Eskablows! Do you REALLY want to incur the wrath of mrstallion? Are you prepared to endure the endless rain of terse comments and and wide-eyed emojis? Huh?!

I wouldn't want to be behind YOUR keyboard right now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol I'm not worried I already know he knows nothing about football and has his head so far up Bo Levi's :peach:


Still... brrrrr (a chill ran down my typing fingers).


Why would BC keep Camacho who had a 70% FG rate? That tied the TiCat kicker for last among all other 7 team's starters. 1) Castillo was the 2019 CFL All-Star at that position. 2) Of the 15 guys who kicked FG's in the CFL only Yamasaki finished worse in success rate than than Leggio, Crapigna & Mourtada. Bombers didn't have a lot of bargaining power IMO. I'd get more than a 4th rounder. If that isn't a gift, what is? Five for 5 in the Grey Cup. If you dressed all 3 of the incumbents you'd have to get 10 tries to get 5 FG's out of them. Point being, without Castillo, no Grey Cup.

Hello from Mr. Winnipeg by 30. Can you claim to be the bullies on the block & the nice guys? If I take your lunch money, will we be best buddies, Maaax?

Still not a gift, a player who was available that no one signed..... until Winnipeg did.

Hamilton was in ( and still are ) need of a place kicker. But didn't sign him. If they signed him would that then ( in your words) become a gift? If so, how so.

Are all players, coaches & support staff for Riders just gifts?

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We must be both humble and way too full of ourselves. It's a delicate balance pantsonfire. Some day you too will know the way of the 'Grey Cup Champions'. Until then you may be my buddy but not by best buddy. You can be my third best buddy behind that guy with one arm noticable shorter than the other. And HANDS OFF MY LUNCH MONEY. I know I should skip lunch and go to the gym instead but dammit pantsonfire... I have to be strong. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Maaax, you know being 3rd best buddy with you is better than 1st best with anyone else. I must try harder. I have a shirt with one arm shorter than the other. That must count for something.