Cauz: Ready for more excitement in Week 2

When the touchdown celebrations and fireworks had settled on Saturday night after the BC Lions had finished their absolute dismantlement of the Edmonton Elks in their 59-15 win, I was in a delirious state of football joy.

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"Jeremiah Masoli played out of his mind for Ottawa."

He sure did. Masoli's Mensa level clock management skills were sublime. We couldn't have won without them. This week we're hoping he passes for over 600 yards and miraculously fails to put any points on the board at all.

It would be his greatest performance ever.

Expecting another one of Masoli's patented 300 yard losing efforts.

Masoli is a Mad Max style football warrior who can defeat the best of teams. Gotta love his Samoa tattoo tapping into his culture; Masoli is one of the most colourful players in the CFL with a hell of a gun, of an arm.

Better clock management at the end of the first half and the Red Blacks ruin the Bombers home opener!

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This could be the game of the week.

I am leaning on the home teams to win this week except for the Elks, Riders win.
The tough pick this week is in Ottawa. The Bombers gave the Redblacks belief last week that they can compete and I have this feeling I should pick the Bombers to loose this week. Heck, I predicted the Bombers to finish first but loose more games than the previous two seasons... so, I'm leaning Redblacks, but not committed yet. If Brown starts, then I'm commited!

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Exactly the way I see it going this week as well. Look, every team is going to lose games. Oddsmakers have nobody better than 10.5 on the over/under. General feeling I see among those paid to predict games is that nobody goes over 12-6. So, yeah, upsets happen early. Blowouts, incidentally, happen every year too. Six games the last 4 seasons where one team scored at least 50 points including a 60-1 spanking, 64-14, 56-10 & 50-11. Teams are still working things out. That said, the Elks, Riders contest should be the easiest call.