Cauz: Pending FAs that you can't picture anywhere else

It’s time to take a quick break from our regularly scheduled upcoming free agency breakdown of the multitude of football ramifications for each signing to highlight an extremely pressing matter.

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Can’t disagree with any of them. IMO Bryant calls it a career but he is a guy I would sign up for 1 more - principally because, outside of Richmond, there is no real OT on the roster & picking up a good LT in FA. They’re usually not available & lots of teams want them.

I think, despite his bounce back year, Simoni is the only one I could see in another uniform. He’s 35 in 2 mths so you have to wonder if this is a one-off. There are likely to be cheaper & younger alternatives out there in February.

Brandon Banks would’ve easily made this list two years ago and we all know where he wound up . So never say never as the saying goes .

yeah i/m ok if Simoni leaves and a knew brass will surely be fine with that, I was surprised his tackle level so high last year. I think that went to the fact my Cats were awful at tackling all around.

It was more than tackles last year for Simoni. He was all over the field and playing like it was 2019 again in some games. He was the team’s Nominee for Defensive player of the year, so if he is willing to sign another team friendly deal, I can’t see him leaving.

I don’t see him leaving either , I just am not too worried if he does as I feel we have more important areas to improve and I would prefer Thurman gets resigned. I would be happy if they both do and I can forsee that happening.

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