Cauz: My ultimate all-pending Free Agent team

With just over a month to go before the official opening of Free Agency, we are starting to hit that special time of year where speculation runs rampant and fans get to dream about what stars their general manager will sign.

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MacBeth did not win the Big Game - his team did.
Yes - he started the game - but was pulled - Thank God - because if he was left in the Argos would not have won.
Chad Kelly won the game for the Argos.

Stupid comment. MBT was not pulled. He was injured and unable to grip the ball. Nothing but idle speculation that he wouldn't have pulled off the victory, especially given that he led the league in 4th quarter comebacks the past two seasons.

You’re half right. Neither Kelly nor MacBeth won the game, the team did. The defence held Winnipeg to 4 first downs (one of them on a penalty) and no points in the 4th quarter and intercepted 2 passes. The special teams had a great punt return and blocked a field goal, and Kelly made a great run that led to the winning touchdown. A total team effort in the 4th quarter led to the win.

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Your opinion.
I stand by mine - MBT would not have won the game.
And not returning due to injury is the same as being pulled,
Get over it.

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Biggest difference was that you made your comment as fact, where I stated mine as an opinion. We'll never know what would have happened had MBT not been injured. And if you think being pulled is the same as leaving because of injury.....well, that's just sad.

No question it was a total team effort. When the game ended, I had no idea who they might give the Player awards to. That's the sign of a complete team game. I just get tired of fools claiming the Argos would have lost had MBT not been injured. He was having a solid game and has engineered a lot of comeback victories for this team. It's impossible to know whether he would have done it again.

The FACT is the Argos won because Kelly was IN the game.
Your OPINION that MacBeth would have also won the game is pure fantasy conjecture - he had a history of turnovers at all the wrong times and he was playing poorly again during this game - he is a loser - that is why some 50 teams have given up on him.

Yet he is Grey Cup champion, led the league in passing yards, touchdowns and probably efficiency for a few of the last few years. I'm wondering who is the loser here.

Your stupidity shows with every post. A. I Never said the Argos would have won with MBT in. I said, "Nothing but idle speculation that he wouldn't have pulled off the victory, especially given that he led the league in 4th quarter comebacks the past two seasons." B. You spewing forth your inane thoughts does absolutely nothing to make your drivel a Fact. The Argos won the game, but not because Kelly was in the game. Kelly played a role in that, as did MBT and the rest of the roster. The statistics refute your allegations of turnovers at bad times. He led the damn league in 4th quarter comebacks and took his team to back to back Eastern titles. When he left the game, he had thrown for over 200 yards with 0 interceptions against the leagues best defence. That had him outperforming the league MOP Zac Collaros. I know facts don't really matter to you. That much is very obvious. Unfortunately, here in the real world, they can be important.