Cauz: My must-have CFL rookie cards

If I may peel back the curtain for a moment, this is a very quiet time in the CFL. We are a couple weeks past the craziness that was the opening of free agency and we are a couple days away from the start of combine season.

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While the players Matthew Cauz has picked are quite good, his card picks are execrable with the exception of the 1972 O-Pee-Chee Chuck Ealey. If they weren't sold in wax packs with bubble gum or as some type of food premiums, they're not proper cards in my book.

Here's a scan of a very proper rookie card from my collection:

Until and unless Cauz can come up with picks approaching the above, he should go back to whatever he does for the CFL because when it comes to picking cards he's simply out of his league. Case closed.


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What a waste of time it would have been to have read this, so I didn't.

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Here are scans of a couple of sheets from my 1959 Topps set featuring the rookie cards of legendary greats Russ Jackson and Angelo Mosca:


They even missed Bud's proper middle name - PETER. Its a genuine keeper.
I kinda like the eclectic choices of 1/2 Pint Matt Cauz. From Chuck Ealey to Jordan Williams. . . . 50 year span - - - NICE

Just picked up a small case of assorted CFL cards from 1954 to 1960, maybe 100-110 pieces total, no complete sets, some cards near perfect, others beyond near imperfect.

I think there's a few rookies in there. Also bought a a small packet of Blue Bomber pinbacks (from a gum machine dispenser), Had some about 12 yrs ago but sold all but 1 to a nutcase who just wanted stuff to flip.

CFL lost one of the great hockey & football collectors of all-time in Adam Mordarski last month. I sold Adam my Billy Mosienko collection, amongst others. Also, a couple dozen Bee Hives and an old Atlanta Flames stick. Adam was one of the good guys - a protege of the also-deceased William "Bill" Campbell, who appeared regularly on Antiques Road-Show as a sports memorabilia analyst. Bill died without a will and his part-time girl-friend made off with an estimated $600,000 in sports collectibles.

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Will miss Adam, great guy.
I've heard about Bill, never met him. Apparently he had stuff like Heisman trophies in his possession. Gotta find whoever made off with his stash....shady situation.

Tell us more about those pinbacks please. When, where, by whom, how many, etc.?


How about Rocket's rookie card?

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Don't have Rocket's rookie card but I know someone who has a couple. Unfortunately, I tried to buy one a few years back. Thought my offer of $500 was sincere but the guy just laughed. I think it was graded 5.5 or so if memory serves so perhaps he was expecting $1000 to $1200.

Good thing the guy just laughed. Anyone that paid $500 for his autographed rookie card back in the day is crying now that they sell for more like $40-$75.

Dodged another bullet. . . .

Trouble with Rocket's rookie card is he was an experienced veteran and 50 goal scorer for 7 years by the time Parkhurst awakened the hobby in 1951. The real rookie card for Richard should be 1944-45 but, unlike baseball there weren't too many companies doing hockey cards prior to the war and shortly after the war.

Rocket Richard RC graded 5.5...definitely worth way more than $500. Looking at ebay sales, a PSA 2.5 got $4400cdn last month.

Rocket Ismail Autographed All-World RC --- anymore than $75, someone's being greedy. I do remember one in a north Winnipeg card shop in the early 90s with $500 on it.