Cauz: My favourite CFL Draft picks of all time

I’ve written it many times in the past and bellowed into a radio microphone on countless occasions about how much I enjoy a good draft.

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Like anybody would care what his favorite picks are. And no I didn’t read it so don’t start.

What is with the attitude? You didn’t read the article but thought it was appropriate to complain? Be kind to your fellow community. Your comments should improve the conversation. Constructive criticism is welcome, but don’t criticize people.

I come here to read and learn. This article taught me things I didn’t know.


Not a HOFer, but Mathieu Bertrand. From CIS QB to CFL FB. 5th rounder. Ended up playing several years and was a fan favourite in Edmonton.

Some like Mr. Python like to make negative posts about almost anything, especially elks.

Welcome to the forum. I can assure you that the vast majority of forum members are here to read and learn (and interact) and laugh. Don’t let one of the first posts you have read give you the wrong impression.

Looking forward to your continued participation.

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Noel Prefontaine. I guess I’m a little off topic since I’m picking my faves, not HOFers. But in checking out Prefontaine I came across that year’s #1 pick that should be on Cauz’s list - Tim Fleiszer 1998 1st overall pick - 4 Cups with 4 teams and 6 Cup appearances in 10 years.

Ben Cahoon was never a Canadian. Born in Utah and married to the Governors daughter he played a few games of junior football in Alberta one year and with that asterisk at then end of his name he enters the hall of fame an American. Canadian? What a load of B.S.