Cauz: My all-time CFL-drafted roster

We are less than a month away from the CFL Draft! It’s that special time when we get to root for our teams to take collegiate players that we may not know in great detail yet. When we look back at recent No. 1 picks, you see that it isn’t exactly a list of players that have set the league on fire.

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Wow - some interesting picks; and so many to choose from - but :

Michael Soles probably played tailback in the CFL as much as fullback, and Blake Marshall was a way better fullback IMO.

Rocco Romano over Chris Schultz or Josh Bourke (and a bunch of others) at OT ???

Ed Philion over all-time great Dave "Dr. Death" Fennell at DT - LOL - and not even close

Wayne Shaw at CB ??? - ever heard of Joe Poirier ? (* edit - Poirer may not have been drafted by Ottawa - out of Junior ball? - so I'll go with another Ottawa DB who was IMO far superior to Shaw - Rod Woodward - 39 career CFL INTs)

Hitchcock, Butler or Suitor were very good but there were others so much better in the D-backfield IMO - Paul Bennett, Dick Dupuis, Lorne Richardson, Laurent Deslauriers, Larry Robinson, John Wydraney - to name a few

... but maybe it's an age thing where younger CFL fans don't realize or know much about the outstanding talent from the past ?


All great players. No doubt about that. I wonder if Cauz will update this article to include the amazing CFL draft choices who NEVER played in the CFL? A lot of really good talent wound up in the NFL. I think every team in our league has had at least one draft choice who would've dominated had they signed here rather than down there.

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