Cauz: Impact players with short-lived CFL careers

“We’re here for a good time Not a long time So have a good time The sun can’t shine every day.”

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that 39 sacks in 36 games by Cam Wake is utterly ridiculous

Zylstra’s last year in the CFL was unreal

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Brandon Zylstra - both years 2,195 yds in 22 games, 100 yd/game avg. Who does that?

Cam Wake probably the best DE ever to play in the CFL.


just Cam Wake’s presence on the field made such a difference because offences had to scheme to account for him specifically. i imagine he got inside a lot of quarterbacks heads. i watched him live a lot when he played because i had company seasons tickets then. his explosive speed off the snap was absurd. he was in the backfield before most of the o-line were out of their stances.


Brandon Zylstra:
30 catches for 414 yards in 5 seasons since leaving the CFL.
With number like that he most definitely went south for the $$$$. What a waste of what could have been some astronomical CFL years.

Millions of $$ he would have given up. Careers are short, often cut shorter by injuries. And US players' dreams are to play in the NFL. I don't see how that's a waste.

It's just another upshot of the CFL lagging so far behind.

I had a look at 3DN and the highest-paid receiver in the league this year ("hard money" only and assuming numbers are true) was Dhaquille Williams with C$255k, so converted that's 190k US.

Just for argument, let's assume there's several thousand in achievement bonuses we aren't shown, plus we're in an alternate universe where Sask. won the Grey Cup, so playoff and Grey Cup win bonuses are added.

All that would top out at, let's say 320K, so just under 240k US.

Zylstra earned DOUBLE that just by signing an NFL ROOKIE contract.

Now consider he's been in the NFL for roughly three season as a "main roster" player, so his salary would keep ticking up slightly plus he has the NFL pension guaranteed. Last season was practice squad, so let's just call that $100K

So with very "ballpark figure" maths, 3 seasons at 500k (at least) plus that 100k on the Detroit practice squad, gives you 1.6 mil

Nearly 2.2 million Canadian dollars - at a low estimate.

He'd have needed at least 9 or 10 "astronomical years" in the CFL to even consider approaching that kind of money, assuming whoever he was with could even keep affording to pay him that kind of salary.

So yes, he definitely went south for the $$$$$, but isn't it obvious why?

I don't begrudge any player going to the NFL and I always hope they make it big but being a CFL fan it's hard to watch a guy sit on a practice roster when you know he would start for a CFL team.

List not complete without Warren Moon.