Cauz: I went 0-4 in picks and my soul isn't crushed

One of my favourite things to do during the CFL season is brag about my picks record.

The past three seasons I have defeated everyone who works around here at, which is a remarkable accomplishment considering how much smarter all the other writers are compared to me. Before you say it, I know I can be insufferable when it comes to me waving my record around. I have no doubt that some of my fellow writers must find me obnoxious (Ferguson, Marshall) and if I may pull back the curtain for a moment a wee bit cowardly with my choices all these years.

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None of us are worried about your soul, Matthew. It's your picks we question. And you perhaps should be questioning how much longer you keep your job.


So Bo Levi actually keeps count of his win-loss record as a starter and can quote it at any given moment? Not even Hank could do that.

HA! HA! HA! Mitchell stated his Loss record was 19 ! He didn't state how many wins ! (Sure maybe you could figure it out by how long he has been the QB in Calgary)
That is because Mitchell's goal is to win and learn off his losses to become better. So he studies those losses many times and remembers the how and when. However Hank as good as he was had a lot more losses, maybe because he has played longer and maybe doesn't or can't say because his memory, as age goes on, fails him , either intentionally or naturally.
Don't make fun of Mitchell because he has shown to be the best QB presently still in the CFL. That is simply a jealously motivated poke.

Here's a Matt Sekeres story.

2012 Grey Cup at SkyDome. Calgary loses to Toronto as we all remember. Matt gets into the elevator after the game with several other media types. Bo Levi is also in the elevator. Bo feels the need to tell the whole elevator "We lost because I didn't start." In the words of Matt Sekeres "He's a very 'confident' young man".

Bo was a rookie that year and his career CFL statline was 12 of 21 for 165 yds 2 TDs 2 picks.

I'll leave my opinion out of it. These are just facts. You be the judge.

You picked BC over Saskie? You said you play the favourites. You screwed up in that pick.

Every time I see Kanneh celebrating too early for the RB's after the huge pick still yards away from the goal line ; I get nervous .

You went 0-4 because you're clueless like the rest of the TSN clowns on this website. Try covering halftime shows, oh that's right there aren't any, perfect.

well he hasnt shown it yet this season

and he didnt come close to showing it in 2019