Cauz: I attended the Argos home opener and here's how it went

I want to apologize to all the fans sitting in section 111 at BMO Field on Saturday afternoon.

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Cant wait until the bombers lose and the fans have to hide under there rock for another 30 years lol. Wegotthecup-welostthecup

You and your friends are the reason many don't like to go the games.
You're 46 and hanging out with these knobs ??

HaHaHa your funny,

BTW can you turn up the heat it's freezing up here living rent free in your head

how do you explain the TFC then? They sell out. Their entire stadium is filled with people like those in this article.

It isn't people having fun at the game keeping folks away from the games. If you aren't going to the game - it is your choice - not someone else's fault.

I'm not laying FAULT anywhere and on anyone.
Just don't like loud, obnoxious people any more and choose not to
be around them.
Wouldn't go to a TFC game if my life depended on it - hate hate hate soccer and not a fan of juvenile soccer fans - which is the majority.

Guessing you are fun.

I'm sure the basement is quiet. You can grumble in peace. CFL is trying to grow their audience. The way they are doing it is by making CFL football a fun time...full of raucous and loud fans. You know, like a good time. :wink:

You don't have to be loud and obnoxious and drunk to have a good time.
I hate many other people - I have no use for them.
I have all I need around me and - yes Hammerhead - we have FUN.

being loud is part of going to live football.

obnoxious is in the eyes of the beholder.

I'm not a fan of drunk people acting obnoxious, but I wasn't there (not "their"). This is a media piece, and media pieces are written with hyperbole, so don't flip out about it.

Fellas, let's stay on topic and avoid the personal attacks. At least those on other posters. Feel free to attack the behavior of obnoxious fans in general and journalists in particular.