Cauz: How Stamps vs. REDBLACKS became must-see TV

If we’re all being honest, about 10 days ago the collective level of interest for this Sunday’s Ottawa REDBLACKS-Calgary Stampeders game might have rated no higher than a “meh.”

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OK Stamps beat Ottawa earlier in the year. The difference now is Ottawa QB has changed with a rookie. And now the stamps defense has seen game film that the Bombers did not have that Luxury I see this could be a good game but Ottawa needs to change up that game plan.

Consistency is the name of the game in CFL. Both Maier and Crum had a terrific game last week. The guy (& team) that can do it again will get the “W” and prove it wasn’t a fluke. My bet is on Maier for the “W”.

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Jake played a decent second quarter last week and the rest was his usual crap :poop:
Not expecting much from chubby but hopefully the D can keep it close