Cauz: How I would woo Bo Levi Mitchell in every market

Bo Levi Mitchell has accomplished everything that a star quarterback could in the CFL.

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I believe he will go to Saskatchewan. Closer to home plus they have great fans!

Bo LM should go to Elks because it will be sweeter for Edmonton to beat Calgary than anyone else.

But no oline protection and no indication that management is capable of or cares to fix the problem. BLMs stated preference for OC has also removed himself from the running in Regina's coaching staff, which reduces the odds of BLM wearing Green even further.

I don’t think Regina will be his first or even second choice.

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They will have a better Oline and DC for 2023. Ticats made a big mistake by trading for him. He said that he will not sign until free agency. He is exploring his options. He can easily sign now with Ticats but that is not happening!

Sign with ticats. He wants to win.

I really don't think Bo Levi Mitchel wants to play in Regina or Edmonton as both are historical rivals. Going to Toronto might be the place he lands for at least 2 reasons

  1. Somehow the Argos seem to have an unlimited Cap so wages would be attractive
  2. Pinball has already got a pretty significant roster of X-Stamp players on both sides of the ball, so he would fit right in
    The down side is that Toronto is a huge metro with too many citizens that have pushed the housing and traffic situation too far. As stated in the article "the best Italian restaurant in the world & It’s less than five kilometers away from the stadium so it will only be a two-hour commute away." Pretty much sums up living in Toronto.


I think we need to remember that the Tiger Cats have first crack at Mitchell - and he knows that it would be a good fit for him to be there.