Cauz: Enjoy the wild ride the Argos are taking us on

Hey Toronto Argonauts, fans I hope you appreciated my reverse jinx by being the only writer to take Ottawa to win in last week’s picks.

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Very simple. With MacBeth as the only team QB ( Why why why was the far superior Arbuckle traded???), and with the defence ALWAYS starting so pathetically slowly - the Argos are a disaster in waiting.
How they are 8-4 is beyond me. This ship will sink very soon with MacBeth as the primary anchor.
Finally, the last thing this team has been is "fun" - they have been a stress-inducing embarrasment.

Haha. Try being a Lions fan.

The fact remains. Argos have the best talent in the East. I think the wild ride is just what the CFL needs to keep fan interest.

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Banks has not materialized as a superweapon all season so it would be logical to assume that Banks will not factor in any Eastern football outcome. This week, again, like the RedBlacks game, you are creating an irrational, phobic scenario to aid in an Argos' win. The Argos will win by three points, without your sneaky, writing psychology tricks, as is their habit all season. You can bank on it.

Toronto squeaking out a victory over Ottawa last week shows that they are close to Ottawa's talent level and coaching ability.
Hamilton putting a beat-down on Ottawa a couple of weeks ago shows they are high above Ottawa's talent level and coaching ability.
The Argos are 8-4 because of two 1-point wins over Hamilton, which if they had gone the other way would have put them at 6-6 and Hamilton at 9-3.
If Toronto beats Hamilton again, I'll eat my words. But when Hamilton wins, they will take first place, and all will be right with the universe.

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In what bizarro land was Arbuckle far superior to MBT? Please show your evidence.

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Thank you Robert

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But if you are taking the what if approach,lets sit down review every game frame by frame. I will show you passes that Argos WR dropped,would point out many what ifs. What if that did not happen,my guy goes all the way.

McBeth is great qb

I'm sure the five Argo fans that show up for their games are really thrilled Cauz.

"Great", really?

McBeath, with an a.

Not only is McBeth a great QB but extremely proud to be an Argo
Talks about playing for the oldest pro team,148 years old,he shows up wearing awesome vintage Argo hats,shirts,jackets

He is a turnover-interception-bonehead play Machine.
his won-loss record is something like 7-25.
i don't care how proud he is to be an Argo, he seems like a nice guy
with a very low football IQ and always appears somewhat lethargic.
Arbuckle was our future - now we don't have one.
Stupid, stupid Argos management and coaching.

Kittens Jr is a gold nugget receiver and Mcbeth is a tough dude.

So much of your post is simply false. Was only a few weeks ago the only ints he had was on 2 point converts, and if you were paying attention would have heard coach say that the 2 ints on point Afters should not even be in his stats.

Arbuckle had more ints than tds when Mac took over. As for the rest of what you said not even worthy of a response

It's not very hard to have the best talent in the East (which they don't by the way) when you don't have to worry about a so called salary cap because you're "special" .

As for fan interest , well you can sure see it by all the packed houses they've had at BMO this year . The team's going to have to buy a king sized shoe horn just to pack them all in if this keeps up . :roll_eyes: :rofl:

The truth of the matter is the 2021 East Division has been up for grabs since day one. The Als and the Argos managed to have a 3 game win streak. :thinking: Considering the fact the Argos are coming off two 4-14 seasons, I like their chances if they can bring their "A" game into Week 15's key match-up.

P.S. What good is it to have a 15-3 record like the Cats did in 2019. Yet they got pounded in the Grey Cup by the road warriors-Bombers. The regular season is "History" the playoffs are where Grey Cups are Won or Lost. :bangbang:

The Cats were exciting and entertaining Aceguy. If winning was the only goal then all teams would get a Cup : a cup for each win. It is all about being exciting and entertaining. The 2019 Cats were fantastic and brought in many more fans : the talk of the CFL.

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