Cauz: Drawing CFL parallels from the Super Bowl

The moment Patrick Mahomes threw that third quarter interception with Kansas City trailing Tampa Bay 28-9 was the moment my mind started to stray from the Super Bowl and I moved on to more pressing thoughts. Unless you were knee deep in prop bets, I bet that was the same for many of you. So, what did you do next? Did you find a movie to watch, clean up your kitchen or did you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and feel shame for all the snacks and junk food you consumed? Hey, it’s a championship game, calories don’t count.

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1997/98 Ticats. Much better comparison.

Yea just after the half time show I started watching "Your Honor" - HBO with Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad.

I switched to "The Simpson" marathon of MUCH because I was so angry at the officiating, I needed some laughter to make the anger subside.

You think it was that new female ref trying to prove she belongs??

She and the entire Referee Crew didn't earn the right to officiate. They were subpar