Cauz: Double-header laced with opportunity seizers

The theme of opportunity is one of the driving narratives baked into all sports, especially football.

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Unfortunately the first game of this double header could be laced with seizures.

Poor Ottawa fans. They’ll have to watch their stellar defense die on the field against a top tier opponent because their luckless offense can’t field a bona-fide starting quarterback… again. If I was the owner, as soon as the game started to get out of hand I’d be passing out free liquor to anesthetize my long suffering paying customers.

Then after the on-field carnage ends I’d reward my downtrodden fanbase by bringing in the only CFL game-winning quarterback who’s available to help them RIGHT NOW… Mcleod Bethel-Thompson.

Mind you, if I really was the owner of this team I’d be wondering what Masoli and I did to deserve this string of bad luck.

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