Cauz: Dissecting the exhilarating Stampeders comeback

With under a minute left in the Calgary Stampeders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats game, TSN’s Rod Smith proclaimed, ‘the thought of overtime an hour ago in this game seemed inconceivable.’

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More like a deflating gas job by Hamilton.

The old saying "It ain't over until the Fat Lady sings" (or final gun) was proved on Sat. Maybe the Ticats got too over confident believing they had the game at half time. But I think it is just as correct to consider that maybe the Stampeders refused to lay down and give up. They saw both RBs go down and that forced Mitchell to resort more to the Air game rather than the ground game. The idea of a repeat 2021 season inspired the Stamps to dig deep and bond with each other with a much improved performance. They fought their way back and accomplished the task of grabbing a win out of the arms of defeat. (Just like T. Wall stole the ball from Dane on his 3rd down, short yardage try)
This game is what Fans want to see (maybe not if it's not your team). A determined bunch of Athletes giving it all and being rewarded with the "W"

Matthew Cauz did not need to use 1200 words to explain what happened on Saturday in Hamilton. Instead, he could have used just 4. "Typical CFL Wind Game"

Duane Forde:

"Every game in this stadium, the coin-toss matters. I've done a lot of games in this stadium since it opened, and the wind is predictable. It's consistently a factor, and it's consistent in terms of direction it blows."