Cauz: Crossover? (Maybe) not this year!

There are some column ideas I should avoid like the plague. It would be smarter if I bet Ja’Gared Davis that he couldn’t take me down than writing a piece about how the Eastern Division is going to hold serve and not allow a team west of Thunder Bay to travel into the Eastern Time Zone for a playoff game. I should tread carefully on this one, as I have written in the past one of those “Is the East better than the West?” columns early in a CFL season only to be laughed out of the room a month later.

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Really, x-over talk is kind of pointless right now. Let's wait a couple more weeks until the situation firms up & real possibilities emerge. This article only qualifies as filler at this point.(sorry Matthew)

Year after year of futility and a mockery of a playoff system that has not inspired the east teams to change is a system that needs to end .

Given all those cross over teams that have never made it thru the eastern Division, I see no reason to think it will end any different this season. So, as far as I'm concerned, if there is another cross over, who cares. It is meaningless anyway. All it does is give false hope to the cross over fans. It is too difficult to play 3 games (includes GC) on the road with 2 - 3 time zones and no (or very few) fans for those games in hostile country

It does go to show how difficult it is to get to the Grey Cup finishing 3rd (in any division) as you would have thought of all the crossovers, there would have been one Western team representing the East. Think it will be difficult for a Western team to crossover this year although possible. The Blue Bombers did it the hard way (finishing 3rd) in 2019 winning in Calgary and Saskatchewan, both places difficult to win at the best of times but especially in November but you could see how they were trending upwards towards the end of the year. Although hoping for a Bomber repeat here in 2021, we all know that anything can happen (on any given Sunday) in the playoffs.


With Calgary on the rise I can see two other playoff bound teams getting squeezed in the West. I wouldn't be surprised to see either Saskatchewan or BC pop out to the East as the cross-over team to face Hamilton in the semi-final. :smiley:

Stamps will be desperate not to crossover. They have struggled against eastern opponents and done well against Sk. Stamps and Lions will fight it out for a west playoff birth starting this week. Biggest games of the year for both teams. There series against each other will tell the tale.

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I think that there will be a Western team crossing over in this crazy 2021 season.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hamilton is currently third to the Argos and Montreal, and while it’s not impossible it’s unlikely Hamilton would do any better than second. Given that Hamilton is no longer unbeaten at home they won’t have home field advantage going into the last games and their away record isn’t much to look at, either. It’s even less likely a west team will crossover unless either Montreal or hamilton drop the ball and finish below .500 (which at the moment only hamilton and Ottawa are). A lot has to go right for the third place cats to finish any higher than they are, and for Montreal to finish low enough to be out of a spot. Again, not impossible but unlikely.

Also, last but not least;
With 5 games left… hamilton would have to go 4-1 at least with the Argos going 2-3 and even then they (the Argos) have the tie-breaker and would finish ahead of hamilton. So they’d have to go 5-0.
Doubt even their fans think they can pull that one off, at least the realistic ones.

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The Anchors actually don't have the tie breaker . Yes they have somehow won two games against the Cats but only by a single point both times . The Cats soundly defeated them by 13 points on Labour Day . The teams play one more game at BMO this season . All the Cats have to do is win that game and the tie breaker advantage will go back to Hamilton on aggregate score on the season series . On the other hand if the Anchors win that final game then the scoring is a moot point as Toronto will take it by way of winning the season series 3 games to 1 .

So in fact the Cats can still capture first with a 4-1 record down the stretch . The caveat of course is Toronto must go 2-3 to finish the season . Finally the key to this all falling together is that one of those final wins by the Cats MUST be the game played at BMO .

And finally let's not forget about the Alouettes who are also in contention to win the East division crown . They have an all important game against the Argos at home this weekend . They also have a favorable schedule playing four of their last five games at home including their final game of the season against the hopeless REDBLACKS .

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Here's what the race looks like. I think Hamilton has the easiest schedule. But BC plays both other teams in the crosover picture, so they control their own fate to some degree.

Team Wins Losses Remaining games vs:
Calgary (3rd West) 5 5 Sask, Ottawa, BC, Winnipeg
Hamilton (3rd East) 4 5 Ottawa, Edmonton, BC, Toronto, Sask
BC 4 5 Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton

My mistake and apologies. I thought the last game was the tie-breaker :man_facepalming:
So, if hamilton loses more than 1 and the Argos lose less that 3 (including a win over hamilton) then they’ll likely finish first. Also I wasn’t discounting Montreal. It was more or a response to the ‘hamilton vs’ semi-final comment. I think Montreal has a better chance but that’s largely based on being one game up on hamilton. So we shall see.
Either way, I find it unlikely that a west team will cross over. If the third place east team finishes at .500 or better it’ll probably be 3 east teams playing.

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At start of season I said no way a cross over could possibly happen this year

Then Hamilton and Calgary imploded
Couple that with BC playing way better than I predicted (I called them the western Redblacks lol) and it is possible (tho I still say unlikely)

As I pointed out in other thread though the Lions are seriously overrated due to some very lucky breaks this year
They are still 1-4 at home, and they are 1-5 vs the West division
With stats like that it is incredible they are even close to the playoffs at all (only the Elks are worse, 0-5 at home and 2-4 vs West, AND they lost TWICE to the Redblacks...)