Cauz: Coming soon to a stadium near you...

I have always been that person who arrives to the movies on time because I do not want to miss the previews. I understand the side that says they give away too much of the upcoming film but for me, if I miss the previews the entire moviegoing experience has been ruined.

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Since every Labour Day Match was portrayed as a Movie Classic (with no mention of our game) I had to bring my spaceship to a screeching halt and jump in with both tenticles.

Preview #1: Tim White: Back for justice

Think of it as: A gritty 1980s cop thriller where the hero is out for revenge

But since Hamilton is Hero Tim White's team I'm NOT thinking 'gritty 1980's cop thriller', I'm thinking, Police Squad... IN COLOUR!!!

At least one of these teams not named Toronto will shoot itself in the foot so many times that a 'Blood and Gore' warning will rate this movie 'Adults Only'. Tell your kids to leave the room when Dane Evans has the ball or they'll never get past potty training.

Preview #2: Kenny Lawler: Mr. Impossible

Think of it as: Your classic Marvel movie

Or your classic Venture Brothers episode featuring Superhero 'Professor Impossible' voiced by Stephen Colbert seen here putting up his dukes (too bad he's about to get whupped by Calgary):


Preview #3: The Toronto Argonauts’ defence

Think of it as: A natural disaster movie

Oh no. We covered what Toronto was going to do to Hamilton in Preview #1. So I'm changing this to Preview #3 (Redux): The Winnipeg Blue Bombers' defense

Think of it as: A Chick Flick

They'll break your heart... and your hopes of winning if you're behind in the 4th quarter.

Preview #4: Jake Maier: The Young Rising Star!

Think of it as: Medieval thriller, King Arthur meets Game of Thrones; with less nudity and murder

Face it. Everyone hated the way Game of Thrones ended. King Arthur on the other hand is a tale worth mangling:


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Great stuff maxx!
I especially love the Monty Python poster!


How do you know he's a King?

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"He doesn't have s*** all over him." :partying_face:


There's some lovely filth down here Dennis

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