Cauz: Combine records tell an interesting story

Maybe it’s because we are in the quiet part of the year for all things CFL or more accurately, it’s because I’m a bit of a draft nerd but I was far more excited than I should have been when I found out I can look back at the combine numbers as far back as 2006. (It’s right here !!!!)

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Just one small correction. Labatte was drafted by Winnipeg, rather than Saskatchewan, 6th overall.

Interesting Chris Van Zeyl story:

My son and I ran into a bunch of Cats fans at the Grey Cup. All were wearing Van Zeyl's number 54. Naturally, I asked about the connection.
Turns out Chris & company had a big party at their student digs in university. The soiree led to the road in front of a neighbouring student's house being littered with party detritus.
The neighbour, who is about half the size of Mr. Van Zeyl, knocked on his door the next morning and demanded that Chris clean up the mess. The towering Mr. Van Zeyl humbly apologized and cleaned up the road!
Ever since, that student and his friends and family have been Chris Van Zeyl's best fans. :grinning: