Cauz: Can Duke Williams get the Riders over the hump?

There is an arm’s race going on in the West and with the playoffs right around the corner it could not have come at a better time.

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I would read this but since Cauz wrote it i know it would be a waste of my time.

The Riders have six players on the 1-Game Injured list and another seventeen players on the 6-Game Injured list. If Duke Williams has the power to heal the sick and injured then yes, he can "get the Riders over the hump".

Anyone other than the riders

Fajardo is relying on Williams very heavily. A sign of a 1 demensional offense.

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Duke scored a touchdown with the Buffalo Bills, and quarterback Allen liked the receiver. I thought the Duke was better than that long-haired dude Beasley, the receiver of the Bills, but they stuck with Beasley. :whale: :fish: :tropical_fish:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are definitely a better Offense, with the return of Duke Williams to the CFL. They must elevate their "A" game in all three phases to defeat the Calgary Stampders in the West Semi Final. :heart_eyes:

Duke Williams would certainly help "get the Riders over the hump". The west semi will be won in the trenches. If one QB has a lot more time to make throws, that team will have a big advantage. If blocking for the running game is exceptional the running backs on either team are capable of big games. I would not say either team has been on fire, but they sure have been winning a lot of games in the last 5-6 weeks. It should be a good, low scoring game. 21 pts may be enough.