Cauz: Argos-Ticats series will ooze emotion

The CFL is serving up an extra-large heaping of “sports hate” for the following five weeks and I’m not talking about the next Calgary-Winnipeg game (Thursday, Aug. 25, 8:30 p.m. ET; set your PVRs now!).

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I'm excited for these match ups. A terrible scheduling blunder all the same. It will be hard by the 3rd game to keep the emotions between the whistles and unfortunately that could ruin everything. Of the schedule on a whole for this year, I find it terrible.

I have dreams of Jaelon Acklin jetting down the field scoring Tiger-Cat touchdowns this august against the Argos. Was Jaelin Acklin not appreciated in Hamilton or do successful teams have to give up great players because they have too many great players to reward with money or did management underestimate the potential of Acklin?
Hamiton's offensive troubles began in a stubborn way with the letting go of the dream, the Jaelin Acklin Tiger-Cat. :football: :football:

Not just O'Shea made the move. . The current Tiger-Cats head coach left Hamilton after 2000 and played the next 8 years down the QEW.