Cauz: Are the Toronto Argonauts the greatest of all time?

The 81Eskimos were giants. I also recall one season I the Eskimos had two losses and the riders only had two wins… But one of our wins was vs the mighty Eskimos

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The Eskimos one tie in that ‘81’ season was against my Cats in a game that I was at at a jam packed over capacity sold out Ivor Wynne . In one of the best games I have ever seen live the two teams went back and forth all game long before ending the night all knotted up at 34 a piece .

The Cats deserved a better fate that year after finishing up at 11-4-1 only to be upset by a dreadful 5-11 Ottawa team in the EF .
I remember leaving that 34-34 tie game that night with all the talking between my friends being on how great the rematch will be in the Cup that year . Alas though sadly it wasn’t meant to be .

I’m still honestly surprised that those lowly Riders gave Edmonton such a rough ride in the Cup game and almost pulled it off before the Eskimos pulled it out in the end .


I also was at the win for the riders vs eskies game. Luckily we were in front of the rider bench and oh what a Feeling for the team and the fans for such a dismal season

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That must have been October 14, 1979 - Riders (under new head coach Ron Lancaster) went 2-14 that year and Edmonton was 12-2-2. Edmonton’s second loss was a 26-25 game against the Riders at Taylor Field, and was broadcast locally on ITV in Edmonton.

The game ends with Edmonton missing a Dave Cutler field goal, and the Riders kick it out, Edmonton kicks it back in for the rouge attempt, and the Riders kick it out one more time to end the game.

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I could not speak for 3 days after that game… Screamed myself hoarse.
Ron Lancaster learned a shite load about how NOT TO BE a head coach those two seasons.

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Absolutely; the year before saw his final game as a player, coming off the bench to beat Edmonton at the new Commonwealth Stadium, a week after getting booed off the field in Regina in his home farewell. I didn’t understand why he got a standing ovation at Commonwealth for beating us, but I definitely understand now.

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I still find myself hoping the rider fans who booed him feel like :poop:

No one can dispute that Rider fans are passionate bunch for sure. And honestly, Ronnie didn’t play great in that second last game, so even though it was his final game there, the fans weren’t happy with being 3-11 at that point. If they only knew how much worse it would get!

Mmm yes & no
The argument is whether the single season team is great

Obv nowhere near a “dynasty” yet (we have had previous Argo teams even be more dominant over a span of years, and there are still those Eskimoos to contend with)

But really team is 15-2 (with last game vs Ottawa)
Calgary was a total fluke (very weird game) win & they sat starters out vs Winnipeg
So 15-0 when they tried?


Not that good I say. Sure, they are a great team in 2023, but historically, not that much.
The 2023 Argos have 591 points for and 396 points against. It baffles me somewhat that they managed to finish with a record of 16-2, to match the 1989 Eskimos.
That Eskimos team had 644 points for and 302 points against! I know that Edmonton team did not win the Grey Cup, but they still had a more dominant regular season.
Let’s see if the 2023 Argos manage to do what the 1989 Edmonton team could not.


I agree with Bobo and anyone who argues for the Edmontons in 1981.

If Toronto wins the Grey Cup this team might stand as one of the single greatest ever. The 2023 Argonauts, kind of thing. But the Jackie Parker Edmontons have to be in there, some of Ralph Sazio’s teams in the sixties, the Russ Jackson Rough Riders, Don Matthews’ Baltimores and then the Flutie Argos…some of Buono’s Calgary teams…just to name some.

Further, if Winnipeg wins this year, don’t the Bombers of the past four seasons deserve some mention?