Cauz: A town-to-town solution for Jeremiah Masoli

If you are under the age of 40, I bet you have never heard of the Canadian classic TV show The Littlest Hobo. This show was about an ownerless German Sheppard that wandered from town to town helping people out. The concept is ridiculous and this show could only have existed during a time (the early 1980s) where we had fewer than 10 channels to choose from, low quality video games and no internet. I love this line from Wikipedia about the dog: “His origins, motivation, and ultimate destination are never explained on screen.”  

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Very creative. And the CFL can even initiate an award for this service to the League: the Kevin Glenn Itinerant Award.

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Jeremiah likely be in Ottawa or BC. Other teams are set and don't need another $400K QB. If Michael Reilly decided to hang up his cleats I can see the Lions may get him. Ottawa is the team that desperately needing a QB for 2022 if they want to win a Grey Cup.

I bet Ottawa goes harder after ZC.

He's a proven winner.

Masoli is not.

You do realize The Littlest Hobo was around in the ‘60s, don’t you?


I liked Masoli - but he was inconsistent and I think after he injured his knee he was never quite the same. He seemed to hesitate at times and his free flowing nature seemed to end. He is still a quality QB and is likely to come back and make Hamilton pay the price. As a Ti-Cat fan, I hope not.

Masoli is a great quarter back.
He played his guts out in 2021. He fought a lot of adversity the past 2 years and his whole career. The final adversity he faced was the TSN panel as they kept saying how long is Jeremiah's leash? I found that offensive.
And what about Cajardo? I told many people in jest that if Cajardo wins the cup the Rider fans and media will still complain that it wasn't good enough. They would say "He left plays on the field."
Heck he was 9 and 5 and almost beat the Bombers in the playoffs!
Masoli played a great Grey Cup game and was 1 play from defeating the Bombers. The Bombers are great, blah blah blah, but they were also lucky.
This new situation might be good for Masoli tbough.The Cats gave up on Burris and Collaros and they won Grey cups. Masoli could be next

Maybe it is TSN panel who needs a short leash or maybe covid is just making us all a bit meaner and slightly unhinged.


Well said and welcome to the forum. :+1:

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I wish that pro-football went more of the MLB direction. Your starter goes 5 or 6. Long reliever might go an inning or two. Set up guy goes one. Closer comes in and finishes things off for the W. Four guys were involved in that victory. Which is why I wish that there were more Chris Strevelers around. An effective guy that can come in and make key plays in big situations. And who's maybe involved in 1/3 of the game. Not just the 3rd and 1 guy. Not just the guy that holds the ball on converts and field-goals. But a guy that is a 'specialist' in some ways. If it takes an entire team to win, then the backup could have a larger role to play like Streveler did.

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I won’t argue with your assessment of Masoli’s on field performance, but assuming that he is unvaccinated, as has been widely reported and not denied, he is not much of a teammate, in my opinion. He should not have been allowed to even play in the GC and wouldn’t have played if the game was held somewhere else. Unvaccinated fans can’t watch him play in person, yet he is allowed to play. The way things are going with Covid, I think there is a good chance he won’t be playing anywhere in the CFL next year if he continues his me first stance. If I were a GM I wouldn’t sign him unless he comes to his senses. It would be impossible to count on him to be available to play.


Your comments are right on about Masoli and about Masoli being unvaccinated. That really surprised me when i heard about it. In fairness the travel rules changed during the season as did other protocols.
Unless he has changed his mind it could be the main reason they went with Evans now rather than risking losing both in free agency.
When you watch Coach O being interviewed about the Evan signing he does not smile once during the interview which was pretty noticeable


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If it was up to me, I'd mandate that every backup quarterback (there's only one per team that dresses) HAS to get some meaningful playing time in EVERY game. Teams that field two really good quarterbacks would obviously have an advantage in this scenario. Teams like ours (the Bombers) would be forced to take our reserve QB position more seriously and upgrade like everyone else.

Thanks for the memories. Use to be my favorite show.:dog2:

Welcome to you here on CFL Forum. Yes 1963-1965