Cauz: A non-QB look at the Bombers win over the Lions

It’s rare for an undefeated team that happens to be the back-to-back Grey Cup champions to have a statement win. Teams with that sort of pedigree don’t usually need to make any kind of league wide pronouncement, they just let their winning do the talking.

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It was a team effort all right. We're all proud of them here in the 'Peg.

The ONLY cringeworthy moment came with a needless holding penalty taken a long way away from the play on Janarion Grant's SECOND TD run to the house (it didn't count). Someone nearly had a million bucks. And then they didn't. :grimacing:


The refs could’ve picked up the flag. Winner could’ve taken them to dinner :wink:


If only proulx was playing.... lol

The B.C Lions defense had a very poor night of tackling, which was way below the standard of an Elite team. :interrobang:

Thanks Matt for reminding us that at any given time there are 23 or 24 players on the field who are not the quarterback. These guys make a huge difference in whether the QB looks like a genius or a stumblebum.

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They should try tackling during the day. Either that or give them all flashlights.

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