Cauz: 9 things I want to see happen this off-season

How is everyone doing?

I’m not sure where you are reading this but I bet you are in the middle of some sort of COVID-related lockdown. Before we set forth on my goofy dreams for a perfect CFL off-season, I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing as well as possible. From children not able to attend school, to parents trying to re-organize their entire schedules to small business owners and everyone else impacted, I hope there is enough positive to counter balance everything else going on.

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  1. Cauz gets a job that he is actually good at.

A Matt Dunigan and Marshall Ferguson podcast would be a welcome addition to football fans. Or perhaps Ferguson with and alternating guest from TSN each week. Dunigan, Ford, Suitor etc.

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Well if anything these "9 things" he wants to see happen are controversial as all heck. I don't agree with a single one of them (I bit) so for Cauz it's mission accomplished.

This is a brilliant idea. Someone elsewhere mentioned a Flutie Brothers cast, which IMO would be dull and unwatchable. But Ferguson and Dunigan would be great. That said, I'd prefer to see Ferguson in the play-by-play booth for much more than the handful of games he got this year. Like one per week, if not more.

He's not suggesting a podcast; he's suggesting an alternative to play by play, similar to the Manning Cast that is available as an alternative to the basic broadcast of Monday Night Football. It would work only with two well-spoken individuals who develop some chemistry with each other. There's no way Suitor or Forde should be allowed anywhere near such a broadcast as they are too set in their ways as analysts.

If it happens I hope it's available to us south of 49 North. The fewer games where I have to put up with Dustin Neilson the happier I will be.

Two things.

1- why wouldn't you link to the Simpsons clip? It's on YouTube.
2- If Mitchell is really winding down his career, why would the Stamps train Maier up just to jettison him after the year? Makes no sense. I hope BLM plays another 10 years, but only if his body agrees and most importantly, he keeps winning. Given his podcast work and his appearance on the Grey Cup telecast, I think maybe he's got other career options that could be more lucrative for him in the long run. Dunigan's gotta have a replacement on TSN at some point, right?