Cauz: 8 pitches to pending FA Tim White

Maybe it’s the result of spending too much time staring at the top available free agents list or speculating what’s going to happen — thanks to everyone for 100 per cent agreeing with me on X/Twitter about my Free Agency bold predictions column — over the next couple of months but I recently realized that the free agency story of star receiver Tim White is basically ‘Love Connection’ with cleats.

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White signs a “conditional” contract with the league allowing him to play 2 games with each of the above teams & has an option to play his final 2 games for the team of his choice.

Hey, I kind of like that idea. Would be fun to see.

So begins the Ed Hervey era in Hamilton: how to de-construct a professional football team
Start by letting your star receiver walk. Next, go after some mediocre players, especially those with a history of injury. Pay minimum bucks and get minimum effort. The end result: another season under .500 and the GC drought continues.
Rinse and repeat.

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Right on! I agree 100%