Cauz: 5 bold free agency predictions

To quote the greatest Bruce Wayne of our time, Michael Keaton, “You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!”

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I like it. Your guess is as good as mine.:grinning: However, assuming the two O’s get pretty much the same paycheque, the N designation maybe giving Brady a bit more, why would Wpg not be in position to bring back Brady then?

I hear the Riders are still interested in Brady &, if so, they have the cash to bring him there. I’m of the mind that BC will go hard after one of the 2.

But your scenario could well play out. I just think if the cash is there for the 2 clubs they keep their own.

The idea that BC would trade for Trevor Harris, who just restructured his contract with the Riders, to back up Vernon Adams, the same man whose job he took in Montreal, is bananas. It’s fun to speculate but that particular theory is not grounded in reality, at all.


Worst possible scenario.


I thought that was a joke…just something to throw out there.

  1. Tre Ford isn’t going anywhere. He’s insurance & they need to win. He’s certainly not going to the Riders who they need to beat out for a playoff. Putting him in a starting role instead of having a veteran mentor is just more likely to stunt his development in a pressure cooker like Regina than be a success. Is Ford going to mentor Crum or vice-versa? Good luck to either of them with the sieve OL.

  2. Ditto on the Harris situation, D&P. Lions could use $$$ more on, say, a RB or a certain DE that needs re-signing than on an expensive backup.

Fun to speculate some wild scenarios but that’s a bit out there.


I really hope that they don’t pay Cauz very much.

I really honestly think that his first name must be Lost because that is what most if not all of his articles are…a Lost Cauz .


A bit harsh. :grinning: Look, if the end goal is to get a conversation going then mission accomplished. :smiley::smiley:


I’d say there’s a better chance of Rourke coming back than there is of Harris coming to BC.

I hope you didn’t get the Oliveira/Oulette swap scenario from my postings on the subject this past week Cauz. As Toronto seems interested in Brady and hasn’t re signed Oullette and Brady seems disinterested in Winnipeg at present, this isn’t a totally crazy suggestion, like the one you made about Harris and Saskatchewan.

Brady wants $250,000 and probably won’t get it. For sure I think he’ll get $200,000, maybe $225,000. Oulette will get $150,000, maybe as much as $175,000 if he’s lucky. Brady had one great year but I’m not sure that separates him from Oulette by a huge margin. No more than $25,000 in my book. The rest is the result of the insipid competitive integrity and salary cap screwing ratio rules.

Having had the most success the last couple of years, Winnipeg and Toronto are already in salary cap hell, and Montreal could join them with another successful year. The salary cap is a necessary evil, but the ratio is not in my opinion. Any league trying to present a somewhat major league front to the public doesn’t need to rely on government like affirmative action that was once perhaps necessary but is outdated in today’s world. Toronto will still be losing some good players (as will Winnipeg) no matter what they do. The only significant reason I can think of as to why they would prefer Oliveira over Oulette is the ratio rules. He is maybe slightly better and maybe slightly more durable, but that alone wouldn’t justify spending $50,000 more for Oliveira alone at the expense of their defence. They also appear to have lost defensive stalwart and rookie of the year Stiggers, which won’t make their defence better and unlike their other top defensive players such as the re signed McManis and the recently acquired Ceresna, they can’t replace Stiggers and his rookie contract with anyone cheaper, rather only someone worse. We’ll see.

The other “crazy” scenario you posit that may have some legs in my opinion is Schoen to Hamilton. If you are committed to BLM as your starting QB he needs all the help he can get, although I’m not optimistic that even Jerry Rice in his prime will Cauz Bo to regain the form that seems to have been MIA since 2018. Good luck with that.

I also think that Stanback will find a home in free agency rather than at some point after the start of the season as you seem to indicate, as long as he is willing to sign for say $110,000 plus maybe $15,000 more in incentives. Those are numbers he now indicates he would have been willing to sign for in Montreal and beggars can’t be choosers. I can see BC being very interested and probably also Saskatchewan. Maybe even Calgary and also Winnipeg if they lose Oliveira and don’t end up with Oulette. I’m confident he will find a home very soon.

Well - at this point - with who they have signed - I would make some guesses at what teams are looking for.
I would throw BC, Calgary, Toronto and Winnipeg in as the shopping for running backs - possibly Montreal but I am beginning to doubt they have enough cap space for a 1,000 yard guy.

Stanback could find a home in Riderville. I don’t know why it seems that way to me but somehow I see him as a good fit with their offence. IMO their biggest offensive weakness the last couple years was a between the tackles run game. I could see Stanback playing another season or two and then moving to coach and Regina is a place he could do that.

Schoen to Hamilton I think is one of the more likely BUT I wouldn’t rule the Al’s out of that sweeptakes either, if they have the money to spend. But then, Oleary-Orange, Rashid Baily and Janarion Grant are as yet unsigned as well.

As for the QB thing - thats way way out in left field. Elks are spending a lot to bring in a guy to help shape Ford, and Ottawa won’t give up Crum that easily either. I think what more likely happens is both those guys are put on the development fast track this season, right where they are.

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Absolutely right on. What would entice them to trade Ford who, if everyone is right & he’s ready to start, is the perfect guy to have as a backup? Trade Ford & who is out there as a better option than Ford?

IMO if Ford is unhappy & leaves next year that’s not good. But Plan B could well be MBT. I don’t think he is ready to quit football.

McBeth is 1 month older than Collaros & has far less mileage on him. He has only been a full time starter since 2019. And doesn’t have the injury history Zach has. In fact, McBeth has not missed a game since becoming a CFL starter. He spent 2011 to 2016 bouncing around the NFL on practice squads, never playing a down. There’s still a lot of tread there.

It would be a HUGE mistake to trade Ford on the belief he’s gone next year. I don’t buy it. :grinning:

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If you have read and seen the interviews etc. MBT has done its clear what his mandate here is. That is to get Ford ready to be a starter, and I doubt he’s going anywhere.

I really think this is in large part Jackson’s doing though. As a former QB he probably had that end of season interview with Ford and asked the question - what would help you most next season?

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Early days but it looks like the Elks are in the mix for Pickett. I’m hoping they address IMO a more immediate need which is DL. But I’d take Pickett any day. Still have heard nothing on the coaching staff. I assume Shivers is coming over. Could Dickenson be in the mix for STC as he was a decade ago?

Well…with the release of Konar I was suspecting something may be in the works. If we picked up Pickett, I wonder what we would do with Morgan? Move him outside maybe? Brodrique is going to fit in there because Jones likes him - you could tell because he got playing time at MLB last year, but he needs another 20 - 30 pounds to play in the middle. Then there’s Tony Jones, and the other Canadians The Appolon’s, Makonzo, Schakel, and Taylor who played some at safety last year. Seems like there are always a lot of linebackers around since Jones came back…

DL - it would be nice to have Leonard back but we just signed a couple prospects - one strait out of a playing (as opposed to bench warming) career in the NFL. I am not worried though as Jones has a history of making sure no QB they play against is comfortable in the pocket.

As for coaching - Shivers maybe - but not as a DC, position coach is possible. And Dickenson - I think will take a year off. He needs it to get his head straight again, and to sort out what he learned in Regina, but you never know.

…and two minutes later Pickett is announced as heading to Ottawa…

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For all the reasons above IMO this wasn’t a real big need. If I had a wish list for the Elks it would be maybe another veteran OL (which could be St. John again). I expect with 7 picks in the top 31 they’ll bring in 1 or 2 on the draft for development. Definitely need some help @ DT to bring Pelley along & I’d still want to see a CFL veteran @ DE & DB. Although the young DB’s look really good IMO.

I can agree. But there are a bunch of Canadians who started and played depth on the D Line last year, Charles-Pierre, Burton-Krakn, Plamondon, Curtis, Nelson, and Americans like Ealy, Brown, and Mencer. If they don’t add someone, it could be they are happy with Curtis, Plamondon, and Brown’s play from last year.

What I did see that I likes up front last year was a return to 4-3 and 3-4 mixed. We used to do that so well way back when, QB’s never knew what they were getting until the ball was snapped.

Replacing Gainey will be interesting but he just wasn’t the guy he was last season. Bratton has the other side sewed up at halfback and Olumba playing in his sophomore year, and Lewis and Gray now third year guys, I don’t worry too much about the corners.

I am betting when we get to the draft that the co-GM’s will do as excellent a job as they have the last few years. There is a strong class of linemen this year but it just seems that they pick the most talented guys regardless of position and find ways to get them in the lineup.

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