no disrepect to the riders, always been kinda fond of them. During the Lancaster yrs, they were my number one, even tho I never lived in sask.

However, I must point out to you that ya barely beat a beat up lions teams, with half their starting receivers injured, among others. In spite of that, game could went either way. The riders have a ways to go yet before being in the top half of the league. Good luck tho...I still say a mistake was made to give up Holmes for Joseph, even if Joseph is doing ok. your running game, and your return game was not so great today, except for what joseph himselp proivided.

I am not worried about our offense at all, altho Richardson will prolly be gone for the year from the sounds of it, hopefully that will give Fantuz a chance to step up and play but it looked like they were using Tounkara wich I don't like at all. Defense gave up way way way too much before Dickenson turned over the ball in the endzone twice. Unfortunately as the roughriders seem to work, a squeek out victory will over shadow what is a poor performance. Saw it time and time agian while Nelon was at the helm.

We beat a lions team that we beat up!With our bye I think we are in the top half of league.Our return game is fine,their returner, upon seeing Kitwana ran the other way!OH and please don't worry bout our running game.

Sorta interesting dont ya think... How the exact same thing could be said about the lions victories last year over the Riders... Injuries are part of the game just so happens this year the teams injury situations are reversed...after while the Injury argument gets old..good teams find a way to win and the Riders were the better team..well at least tonight :slight_smile:

i guess we are lucky then :lol: if the other half was there, we would of got our a$$ handed to us :roll: NOT!! the D played good and the offence played good, we dont need any of your excuses :lol:

We beat a lions team that we beat up!

it wasn't the prettiest of wins... but a win is a win. the defence still needs work but even with bc missing half of their recievers i still think they are in the top half of the league for offence. saskatchewan's offence looks great for the fourth game in. i think a few more weeks and they will be unstoppable.

Congrats to the Riders. They deserved to win. Well done!

You don't have to win pretty on the road, just have to grind one out. we'll take it and get ready for toronto next week

I agree that the lions arent the same team if they had simmons and clermont in the line up. But the guys who filled in are exactly scrubs.

How come when a reciever beats a DB its because the DB sucks. But when a DB picks one off its a bad throw by the QB. DD was trying to force a ball into good coverage and the DBs just stepped up and made the play.

bring on TO!!!

Dorsey is doing a fine job on returns. Armstead is there as well, double threat. I see no problem with that.

Our running game is lacking because KK is just not that good. I know many will disagree, but how could you? Dorsey did a fine job as RB against the Lions last game, and should stay there.

You guys beat us in several areas.

(1) Your defense rose to the occasion and adjusted for the second half. The Lions Offense remained Predictable.

(2) Lions were very undisciplined, too many stupid penalties (Not blaming the refs...we deserved them) but over 150 penalty yards? Thats like giving 2 long marches for TD's!

(3) Special teams Your coaches obviously found something because you had great returns most of the night.

You guys deserved the win... we didn't!

Thus far, the roughriders have impressed me moreso than the lions. Basically, I think they're the better team(and this is from an eskimos fan :o )

Other than Hamilton, the other six teams are more impressive than the Lions! :roll:

Our running game is lacking because KK is just not that good. I know many will disagree, but how could you? Dorsey did a fine job as RB against the Lions last game, and should stay there.
well for starters no one will argue that KK is more likely to break one for a TD on any touch. so if you are in favour of dorsey he better be averaging much more per carry. Oh wait he is close to a yard behind.

oh i know why its cause all those long TD runs by KK bring his average up, wait wrong again. he doesnt have a long TD run, yet!

the key word above is YET!!! KK will continue to light up the teams with the weaker run defences. See next next vs TO. huge coaching mistake him KK sits out.

Other than Montreal, no team in the league is playing at mid season form. Once a team/ teams get their offense and defense on the same page, watch out! Many teams are missing key personel; the teams that can find the right replacement will move up in the standings!

From the Riders perspective, bringing the RB Shermar Bracey to replace KK might help get our offense on track. This way Dorsey can focus on his kick returns!

i dont know where to begin. So how about i cant believe i am answering this post since you must know nothing about football!

Dont wanna take anything away from montreal they are 4-0, and good on them. But come on they have only beat two teams. TWO of the 7 teams, lets not hand them the cup yet. maybe we should wait till they beat a couple of the other 5 teams to see how good they are!

as for the riders offence comment what are you talking about. the riders are in the top 3-4 in alomst every offensive catagory. watch a game or two its the riders D that lost two games.

As for Bracey moving into the number one spot, give your head a shake, no on second thought think about it for a second. Do you really think your are such a better judge of talent than the coaches who see bracey, dorsey and KK every day are!!! really barrett knows so little he has a guy on the practice roster not even dressing that is better than both your starter and your back up.

if you think this you truely are an idoit!!!

if you think this you truely are an idoit!!!
part of growing up and maturing is learning to understand and accept that smart people can have different opinions than yourself.

I've said it before and stand by it that KK is good for no yards or a TD break. I would rather have someone that can consistently get 5 or 6 yards.

KK is a bum.

If you think all the way back to 2003, KK was on the practice roster for the first half of the season until Sedrick Shaw (not positive this is his name) got hurt and KK filled in while he was injured. Then, if I am not mistaken, the other guy came back from injury (and I think KK may have been injured too...he does that sometimes) and in a game against the unbeaten Ticats, when the game was tied and we were in FG range with seconds left, he tried to force a few more yards, was stripped of the ball and we gave Hamilton their only win of 03 in OT. That was the last we ever saw of Sedrick Shaw. The rest is history. But the point is, DB had a guy way more talented than his starter on the practice roster. It can happen. As for Bracey being better than KK, I don't know, but I don't think there is a better chance to try him out than right now when KK is relatively uneffective and dealing with personal issues (as BS as they may be).

Go Riders!!