Caulley To Play

That seems to be what Drew Edwards said here, oh_mighty_one.

46 man roster changes

Lamont Reid and Drisan James in, Dennis Haley and Airese Currie out.

Posted at 11:42 AM 10/11/2009

Darn! I was so hoping for Caulley to get in.

I am worried about our running game but,

you're right, it's possible Prechae could 'tweak'
that tender knee again like he did last week

and have to sit on the sidelines for the rest of the game.

That’s just for the 46-man roster, Ron. Who knows who will sit out this week? I’m guessing it will be Gagne-Marcoux, Caulley, Jermaine Reid and Lawrence Gordon. On another note, Drew has to get his players right. Jermaine Reid, not Lamont, was added to the 46-man roster this week.

I’m not sure what the source of this thread was, but I do see that Caulley is listed on the depth chart as a running back, but also as a returner. That leads me to believe that he may actually dress, and not just be a scratch.

I hope he does dress and we see the two back set on some plays. It just provides more wrinkles for the defense when they can’t just key on one back.

I also see Dyakowski is listed again. This should also help the O-Line and the running game.