Caulley To Play

8) The Cats are expected to have Terry Caulley in the lineup for Monday's game.
   DeAndra Cobb will still be the feature back, but Caulley will see some time on offence, as well

   as on the kick return position  !!

   Good to see the Cats finally get Caulley back onto the playing field.  

    I'm sure he will have something to prove, after having sat out since the first game of the year.   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Good News .....Fresh players

Super, I assume he must be well healed up by now.

At 5' 7"pound for pound one of the toughest guys in the league. When Caulley's is healthy he's shifty and fast. :thup:

8) I would assume so also, Earl. :wink:

Yes, and one heck of a blocker :smiley:

Terry is a nice kick returner too.

Excited to see Cobb get a couple of touches on special teams...he will be a threat every time he touches the ball on special teams.

He in Cause Currie was Cut ..

Finally, this is a no brainer and will pay dividends.

Look for Caulley and Cobb to run all over whoever the Bombers elect to start on the D-Line in Walls' place.

I'd still like to see Cobb returning kicks.

Cobb returning kicks and rotating both players at RB is probably the best way to do it.

Good idea to have both Cobb and Caulley in the backfield part of the time. It could even be helpful in some passing situations to have each of them available for a safety valve pass or a screen pass to the left or the right when the Bomber defence blitzes.

INCREDIBLE!!! this is wicked! I believe T.C is a better runner threw the middle, and Cob is better on the outside, Cob has a GOOD set of hands on him as well! I REALLY!!! like this move and iv liked T.C for awhile now!

I'm excited, too! TC is one heck of an RB, well worth the loss of almost any wide receiver (except RB3), and to have Cobb and TC in the backfield is going to drive DC's nuts, let alone linebackers.

At risk of looking beyond the Winnipeg game on Monday, and with the option of a different kicker, I wonder how we shape up against Montreal?

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they dress Drisan James instead of Caulley (not that I agee with it) but MB tends to be consistent with his game day line-up. With Rodriguez limping around this week, it wouldn't surprise me if MB wants an extra import receiver dressed instead of a running back.

I hope you're wrong as I think the threat of two good running backs in our offense is definitely worth while, particularly since one blocks well and the other is also a good pass receiver with great moves and speed.

8) At least Caulley and Cobb can both catch the ball , in comparison with James. :wink:

Yes, Chris Davis isn't looking so bad now is he?

I like the idea of TC and DC in the backfield.
Why do we never use a 2 back set?

Yes James still looks bad