Caulley released

Does anyone here know the exact nature of the injuires to any of our running backs?

I'm sure Obie has his reasons.

Cobb has proved to b3e durable for only one season so far.

KK and Caulley have multiple seasons under their belts and that takes a toll on any running back's body.

Good player but not better than the guys ahead of him. In fact, I think there'll be more import RBs cut. These guys cost too much money to sit on the roster doing nothing.

Caulley's shown enough that he'll likely get signed to someone's camp for next Spring. He's proven he can play in the league and just needs a chance to play regularly.

An Argo-cat fan

Too bad.
I liked Terry Caulley. He was one of the few bright spots on that disastrous Charlie Taafe era. I hope he goes somewhere and gets lots of playing time.

Right - because who wants to earn a playoff bonus anyway?

I wonder if playoff pay is coevered by the league, or is it somehow a team expense?

Timing seems odd to me.
Why would he ask to be released now?

Loved his heart and speed. I wish it would have worked out different in the end!

Who's to say that he asked to be released?

More than likely he wasn't happy with his position on the team and asked for it but with 1 game left in the season and a few extra bucks in the pocket in the playoffs, why would he want to? No one is going to pick him up now.

Really? That's news to me, I never heard that before. I thought you could only cut an injured player during training camp.

How does this work re. Canadian players, where they are covered by OHIP and so there aren't any significant medical bills? Can they be cut? If so, I'm surprised a lot more of them aren't cut, but instead stay on the injured list.

He's on his way to the Bomber office with his playbook. No need to send spies from our own organization if we can get an inside man.

Even Ebell is a ?. Blew his achillies last year and was cut in training camp by the Argos
Don't blame the player released in order to keep J. Payton who later quit the Argos. Blame the Argos for all their foolish moves. Aside from the achilles injury and his return to full ability, Ebell played through any injuries during his career in college and CFL. He and Cobb will set the pace for the 2010 backfield.

Cause the Bomber's are so crap they rely on cheap stuff to win. That's the team you'd want your kid's to grow up watching.

Is Kenton still on the injured list ? People complained about Lumsden...Keith has been even less value...

I'm very disappointed with this move. Caulley was one of my favourite players in the last few years. I know they can't release Keith while he's on the injured list but if it was between those two I'd take Caulley any day. Smith is a role player. I don't see how anyone can compare him to Caulley.

Still, Cobb has earned his job and it looks like the team is sticking with him. Cobb also happens to be one of my favourite players (big surprise, I know). I hope Terry gets a shot somewhere. He's an excellent running back.

Good luck Terry :thup: .

I think it comes down to money and opportunities... I could see Caulley end up in Montreal or maybe Toronto.

I see Caulley in Toronto as a backup or BC or Edmonton on the PR

Looks like every team but one in the league will have a 1,000 rusher this year.

The team that looks like it won't is Saskatchewan, so that might be the place for him to go if he hopes to crack a lineup.

I was surprised they also released Jeremy Ito,I know Setta has picked up his game but I thought one of the reasons they brought him in was incase Setta got hurt?

I am not surprised. I said a couple of yrs ago that TC was not good enough to be a winning ticat team starting RB. Not surprised at all.

I thought that he would have made a great guy to come in and relieve Cobb for a few players from time to time, as the two are very similar and it would have meant Cobb would have stayed fresher, which would have made a difference in the 4th quarter. Caulley will be missed, at least by me. I really liked having him in our backfield.

Farewell, and best of luck to you Terry.

Caulley's had but ACL's rebuilt... really too bad, hope things workout for him.