Caulley released

Who would of thought!

Why Obie why :frowning:

Looks like the Cats like Cobb, Tre Smith and KK better. These guys are all good RB's. Caulley's tendency to be injury-prone lately didn't help his cause.

To give hims a chance to sign somewhere else to compete for a job.

Good luck Terry.

Cobb, Ebell, Smith, Caulley,Keith

How many import running backs do you want to keep ?
They probably figured lets release him before the glue falls apart…know what I mean.

I would've released Keith over Caulley. Keith has a 150k contract and has done nothing since coming here.

Not surprising. Keith and Smith will also be gone either this year or early next season.

Caulley, Smith and KK all seem to be injury prone. Cobb has held his own and has not gone down yet.

Cobb is a good durable player. Remember who we used to have here, who was an amazing running back but couldn't stay healthy long enough to make a difference.

Even Ebell is a ?. Blew his achillies last year and was cut in training camp by the Argos.

I see the Cats releasing KK in the offseason and having Cobb and Smith as our backs and both can also run back kicks.

I agree 100%. What's Keith played.. 2games in 2 years.

Good luck to Caulley though.

Yes, sadly, Caulley has been a tad injury prone.

That said, so too have KK and Smith.

It’s always sad to see someone go who has been a good contributor. But if the team feels a player will not be able to contribute in future, because there are others available, or contract issues, or other considerations, it’s better they should let him go now so he can find other work. You can’t release a player who is on the injured list.

I thank Terry for what he’s done here and wish him all the best.

Holy crap. That's really too bad. I actually like Terry and wish him the best of luck. I hope he can get past his injury problems.

Pretty sure they can’t release Keith due to injury. Either way, cuts at running back are not surprising at this point.

That is too bad. Caulley had lots of potential, unfortunately injured too often. I still would have kept him over KK.

Caulley before KK.....Strange. :roll:

Why is it strange. KK has played 2 games in 2 years :roll:

KK and Tre Smith are on the injury list. They can't be cut.

Yes the Can be Cut if the Team pay the Medical Bills.
Also Terry is fine and Wanted out of Hamilton
Can Say I Blame him. The Team Like the Fact Cobb Can Stay Healthy

'Terry will be picked up somewhere.

you never know. Terry might have looked at the depth chart and the calender did a little math and asked for his release.