Caulley in or out?

?Caulley has been on the depth chart for the last 3 games and although I love what Cobb has done
in a number of specific games, I miss seeing what Caulley does too. If he is ready to go, what
about inserting some plays using a double half-back set with Caulley and Cobb at the same time.
It leaves a lot of options (one going in motion etc) and can create a lot of looks, leaving a defense
puzzled. What about on occasion trying a “wishbone? backfield with Williams as the fullback in
the middle and Caulley and Cobb on either side, with either one going in motion? It worked for U of
Texas for 30 straight wins, not that it would apply the same way here.....but maybe on occasion to give different looks. I think we need to utilize Caulley somehow.

He's been on the 46-man roster but not the gameday 42-man roster. In other words, he hasn't dressed for the past 3 games, instead we've had John Williams (non-import) backing him up.


The only time 2 IMP RB's dressed this season was Game 1 -- Caulley & Smith -- with only 3 IMP DL's dressed. For Cobb & Caulley to both dress another IMP would have to sit out. Can't see that happening, especially now that Barrenechea will be out and they may choose to dress an IMP as the #1 back up LB.

I wish Caulley would be "in".

I'm sorry but i'm not a big fan of Cobb, he's had two good games against one team, a team that gave up 300 yards rushing a week ago. Against all other teams he has been mediocre.

I'm a big Caulley fan so i would love to see him back in there. I am alos very curious to see K.K run the ball when he comes off the IR because he lost 15-20 pounds this off-season.

U of Texas is playing semi pro and 4 downs, IMHO a “Jumbo” set could work in the CFL IF the O.C. uses some imagination and uses the backs as recievers out of the backfield but that never seems to be implimented . Ticats have had a good running game for several seasons , but the running game does not win games in 3 down football.

He stills deserves to start. 2 offensive player of the week awards, in six starts. Pretty good I would say. Yes, he hasn`t put up the big numbers against other teams ( except B.C) but he has still been good.

Game winning TD against Edmonton, ( I know it was a hold, but still counts) He has still has more speed than Caulley, and his pass receiving has been very good.

I like what Cobb has done, they should keep starting him.

I'd like to see the two back set as well, or at least something other than running off tackle from the shotgun formation with a single back. That's too easy to defend. Cobb is a speedster, we need to find ways to get him outside, not run him in the middle like a power back.

If we can't bring in Caulley due to the ratio, put in Williams as the second back, and give him the ball some times. Cobb is too easy to stop if he doesn't get started.


has he been that good in the other games? against Montreal, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan he averaged less than 4 YPC, and until that 40 yard run against edmonton he was also below 4.

And let's not forgot, Caulley had great games the last season and a half running behind a very bad O-line, i was excited to see him run behind this revamped offensive line. He still has great speed and has maybe the best hands in the league (out of runningbacks) in terms of pass recieving. Also very tough to bring down.

Im with you on this one I hope we dress caulley soon. I dont think cobb was been playing bad or doing anything wrong, but those 2 huge games he had were against bc, did anyone see what the peg did too bc? I think caulley is a proven back and deserves his spot back now that he is healthy.

Well, I think Cobb has shown in his games that he can catch the ball too, and he is a real threat with his speed. ( A few more screen passes to him would be nice) I guess well see how he does in Edmonton. Caulley is a good back too, though. its nice to have depth in RB position.

It seem to me that Cobb just isn't a tackle to tackle runner. He is at his best when he gets some room, like on the screen as mentioned above. Caulley however, is a tackle to tackle runner. I hope they get to play together. That's a tandem that can rack up yards. If Keith comes back in shape, healthy and with the form he had a few years ago, the run game will be outstanding. That will take some pressure off the QB position as well. Imagine those three with the threat of a "wildcat."

And once K.K is off the IR, Cobb will lose his starting job.

As of right now, Keith is being payed but it's not going against the cap because he is injured, so once he is healthy and ready to go he will start. I believe when we signed him last year we made him the highest paid back in the league, and im sure they won't be having that salary go against the cap just to have him sit on the bench.

8) Unfortunately they will not be able to play Cobb, Caulley and Keith together because of the import
 ratio !!!!
8) No, because if Keith is not ready to play in the Sept. 11 game, he can go back on the injury list if
 need be  !!!

 I would venture to say that the Cats will certainly want to have a look at him under game conditions,
 to see how he performs.  If he doesn't perform to his past standards, don't be surprised to see him
  simply released  !!!

Once Keith is healthy, it doesnt mean he will resume the starting job. As Tipper mentioned, they will see how he performs in game conditions, then reassess his status. I hate to say it but his injuries are a concern. I dont know if he can regain his form of a few years back??

What does Caulley have to do to get the starting job and keep it. He out performed JL both years he was here and overall is a better back. Now here he is again as a back up and the better overall back and now not even dressing. Needless to say once his contract is up I don't think you will see him in ticat uniform. Its not like we are tearing up the league with wins and rushing and dont want to ruin chemistry.

I agree....

Caulley was removed from the lineup due to an injury. I would have thought that unless the circumstances are exceptional, that an incumbent gets his job back once he is healthy.

Cobb has played very well and should be headed for the MOP award this year...THAT IS if the Cats play their remaining 11 games against the BC Lions, against the rest of the league, he has been kinda ordinary. Then again, my great aunt Mabel ran for 87 yds and 2 TDs last week against the Lions. Cobb certainly hasn't blown anyone else away to the extent that would justify benching Caulley, a good guy who had finally weathered the whole stupid Jesse Lumsden melodrama, and came out of camp with a well deserved starters spot.

The Coaches like Cobb
I Think with Caulley in his Option year the Ticats are Smart to give Cobb some time.

If Caulley is healthy, I would like to see him resume his running back position. I got on the band wagon with the Cobb supporters, but must admit; if we're not playing BC, he is reduced to mediocre.

I like Caulleys steadiness against most teams last season, even while running behind a deplorable
offensive line.

I'm not sure he isn't still undergoing the effects of his injury, a fact that the team isn't likely to admit.

He has to stay healthy. I like Caulley, but every time he's had a shot at the starting job he's gotten hurt.