Caulley Hurt?

Just got home from the game and heard that Caulley got hurt?

Did anyone see what happened?

The TSN telecast referred to it as the epic Pat Quinn-esque "lower body injury"

Oh and Tre Smith hurt his ankle.

Somebody tell Deejay's dad that his boy is going to be starting next week!

  • paul

Hello Joe Smith ???

we running out of Running Backs Tre and Terry and Kenton Hurt…
We just have Cobb left

Don't forget Williams!



Seems like no matter how deep we are at RB we are never deep enough. :roll:

Has anyone seen / heard an update on what these injuries are or are they "nicks" and we'll see them next week? :cowboy:

You need to run block a lot better than the effort last night. The blue teams defence owned the o Line last night. Number 62 and 67 are way over their heads. Sit Hage and Dyakowski and put some animals in their. Football is controled aggresion. Last nights effort was absolutley pathetic except for the special teams that played just above average. Number 2, (Currie) was open all night long. What are the spotters doing watching the fire works? - and the Last but not least, the play of number 94 and 95 was admirable. We still need a run stopper in the middle on the D LIne.

I agree, put Toeainia at LG (he's a monster with great greats and footwork), and start Hudson at Centre.

Sign Ebell, not Smith. Smith doesn't like playing football, no passion.

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate to say it but Caulley is starting to get injured like another running back we used to have. Dare we say that he is going to be the second coming of JL?

I hate ... to say it but Caulley is starting to get injured like another running back we used to have. Dare we say that he is going to be the second coming of JL?
This JUST IN ... football is a tough, PHYSICALLY DEMANDING sport ... players get INJURED!!!

Just as the "INJURY PRONE" label was unfair (and STUPID) to apply to JL so it is to IMPLY with Caully (and any other RB) ...

BUT, to answer your question ... NO,not a chance - Jesse is BETTER!!

I'm looking forward to watching Jesse RUN ROUGHSHOD over our swiss cheese Defense on August 8th. Just as I am eagerly anticipating watching him RACK up the yards this eve.

As if yesterday's DEBACLE wasn't enough ... someone had to REMIND me how much I, ALREADY, miss #28!!


what are the Vegas odds on JL not finishing tonights game?

We all miss him since we haven't seen him play in 2 years.

Zing! Too funny.

Tell you what G Dub... I'll give you 4 to 1.

Name your $$$ amount ... the LOSER can then donate the money to one of JareCanada's Charities.

What say you?



I will disagrre with your comment about the label though. Unfortunatly J.L. IS injury prone....was in CIU, NFL and it is actually a pretty FAIR label.

...and I'll take Caulley ANY day over JL as he is a true back that moves (when the O-Line does their job) left, right and forward......J.L. is a one direction back....forward......and still unproven as durable.

While I'll give J.L. the benefit of time to show us and potentially the chance to beat us.....time will tell.....I just hope for his sake he proves me wrong and he really is the only one that can.


All fun aside , what makes you think he will finish tonights game?
And don't say because you just feel it.What do you know that nobody else does?

I may not KNOW anything that you and others don't ... other than what SOME people call "INJURY PRONE" - I call EXTREMELY UNFORTUNATE and UNLUCKY ... Injury can happen to ANYBODY, ANYTIME, period. It has just happened to Jesse more frequently ...

I also KNOW that people can LEARN from the past and that there are certain things one can do DIFFERENTLY to better prepare themselves ... whether it be TRAINING, or adapting their playing style, or changing their MENTAL approach ... etc.

Maybe you will be proven CORRECT, I don't KNOW ... but I am willing to my put money where my MOUTH is, all kidding aside.

I just have a PERSONAL BIAS in favour of the man who ELICTRIFIED me from the first two PANCAKE blocks I watched him make on his first KICKOFF RETURN as a Ticat !

In the last few seasons of HORRID Football ... Jesse Lumsden provided me with the MOST highlights and positive plays of any other Tiger Cat, PERIOD. That he got injured as often as he did was as FRUSTRATING to me as it was to anybody (except himself!!) ... However, that takes NOTHING away from his SKILL, ABILITY, and VALUE.

The amount of DISRESPECT he got from this crowd was/is absolutely appauling, if not TYPICAL. Since Jesse was sent packing there has been HOW MANY injuries suffered by RB's ?? So what makes Jesse any WORSE??

Jesse Lumsden is ONE of the reasons I point to when I CRITICIZE Bob Obillovich's job as GM. When you have somone, a CANADIAN no less, as TALENTED as Jesse - you KEEP HIM, PERIOD.