Cauchy Muamba

didn't see another post on it here or in the Bombers forum...a bit surprised, unless I am just missing it.

I know he didn't have the season they had hoped, especially after shelling out top end money for a safety, but I was a little set back by this release tbh

Ya I'm surprised at that as well to some degree. Seemed to be much criticised both in Van and Winny. I think he'll get picked up by someone.

After watching him last year and hoping he was at least half as good as his brother, I came to the conclusion that Cauchy was avoiding contact. He wouldn't hit and very seldom tackled. I wondered if he was injured but never heard anything.

I'm not so sure. I never liked his play in either BC or Winnipeg.

I'd for sure predict that no one will pick him up were his birth certificate not to say "Canada"; but as it does, perhaps someone might give him a look-see, but I'd be somewhat surprised.

Cue cflsteve to say that "Ottawa desperately needs help at Free Safety. It would be a good signing for them and they could also use him at SAM Linebacker"

I think part of Cauchy's problem might have been due to scheme. Part of it I think also came down to our D taking a licking most games getting stuck on the field for extended drives as the offense too often couldn't get anything going. Still, I agree with what you say. Henoc was an attack the ball and ball carrier, lay out a lick, very physical. Cauchy was the antithesis and often he would slow up on a play and it looked like he was playing soccer trying to defend the goal by not letting the ball get by him. I thought the same, maybe some injury. But I also wonder if this relates to his time with BC and how it ended. He got burned by the Stamps a few times in the west final in 2012 which led to him getting dumped. I wonder if his corral the ball rather than attack the ball approach was just to try not let himself get burned again.

He might have still been a useful player for us as a depth guy considering we were going to use at least 1 if not 2 NI spots in the secondary and he could have been useful on special teams. However Mack gave him a lot of money and he didn't live up to it. I can see him getting picked up by someone if the price is right, Ottawa, Edmonton, maybe even Montreal as a depth player. I think he would be foolish to consider going to a place like TO and playing under Burke again.


well said. Burk however might have been the push to ink him, and might then be his best option for inking.