Cauchy agent

...Just out of B.C. ...Henocs brother is heading for free agency...He has refused Buonos latest offers and would like to test the waters...This guy has the potential to be a better safety than Logan, in my book...Could we have a brother act on the team???? We said we'd be more active in fa next time around...Go get him Mr. Mack... :rockin:

Disagree totally papa. . . I think Logan is far superior as a safety.

Look again at Muamba trying to play safety in the West final. .. Kevin Glenn (of all people) lit him up royally.

…I guess you missed the word ‘potential’… :lol: Seriously though…Logan was NOT impressive last year at all… Too many missed tackles and behind the play A LOT…In fact I thought he was going to be challenged in next years tc. for the starting safety spot… Muamba looked bad against the stumps in the west final (caught way out of position on one Glenn toss) For the most part though, he played well during the year in a top-rated D…He’s young and learning…For the right money, I’m signing him… :thup:

Logan is a better safety right now. Muamba has had some experience with the Leos. He would make a better back up to logan than we have. Dan west was a rookie, not sure what the ceiling is for him. I’m getting tired of seeing Browne miss significant parts of the season with injuries, unreliable as the top backup to Logan. And the way Logan likes to get some shots in, he’s bound to miss time here and there with injury and they need a quality backup. What I wonder is if he could be a guy who could convert from DB into that SAM role? A bit of a hitter, athletic, maybe could play some at the line and cover some? Two muabas in the LB core? Or is he strictly someone who’s bound to be a NI safety?