Cats won't win again till the cheerleaders come back! (Nov 3)

Hopefully were still in it!

Is this like the Curse of the Bambino for the Red Sox?

The curse of th Pom Pom

Still think it’s the curse of the new logo.

More like the curse of incompetent management.

Actually the curse dates back to the replacement of TC by Stripes.

well, I expect the cats to lose no more than 2 more games in reg season.

Which coincided with the changing of the logo.


Well that would put us at 9-9 and fit the "mediocre" narrative being flung around here. The question then remains if the Cats go on to win the Cup, then does the "elite" crowd get the final Check Mate. ;D

Absolutely not! It’s been well established that mediocre teams can win it all , and we are very definitely mediocre.

So that means that we are good enough! ;D

Get to the play-offs and you “only have to win your last game.?

The only problem with this is in order to win your last game you have to win your first game first .

You would need at least a 2 or 3 game winning streak against the top tier teams. There is no free ride on that path either playing teams like Montreal.

What year was that?


You mean no free ride for HAM. There may be a free ride for the western cross-over team, depending on how we finish out the season.